Monday, September 29, 2014

Preparing for Open Studio

Gathering and preparing artwork for the coming Open Studio has been a mixed bag of fun and frustration. With the help of a good friend I've made real progress with grouping and hanging framed works and creating other areas where unframed work is displayed. I still need to make and attach labels and do some deep cleaning so right now the studio is a mess, but by Saturday morning it'll be show-worthy, waiting for your visit.  Do come by either Saturday or Sunday.  Hours are 11 until 5.

Here are some photos of the setup so far:

Collage Paintings on board (in living room) doesn't need to match your couch. If you like it, hang it where you see it.
Stairway to my studio with recent art

Oldies but goodies in the studio.

Numbers might reference an important date

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sketches of Cannon Beach

A few months ago I started a dedicated sketchbook of buildings in the coastal town of Cannon Beach, Oregon where we spend lots of time. I've made a habit of going in to town early in the morning so I can draw buildings before the streets fill with tourists cars. When I get out later in the day I wander the back streets of this lovely town and draw houses like this one. 

One of the features that makes this town so lovely is the amazing profusion of flowers. There are planters and pots everywhere and most of the year something is in bloom. I like to draw flowers, so adding flowers to each page satisfies that desire and creates continuity through the book. It's a 5 x 8" Moleskine sketchbook. I'm not enjoying the paper, so once this is filled I'll change to something else. I'm halfway through the book.

One day the town was so crowded that my friends and I drove south to Arch Cape and walked to the creek at the south end of the beach. The sand doesn't stand a chance against the constant flow of the creek which eats away at the sand, creating the most interesting patterns. I stood at the edge and drew the edge of the sand as it crumbles into the water, and then tried to capture the water as it rushed over and around the rounded rocks.  Taking the time to really LOOK at what was happening here has glued the memory firmly in my mind. I remember the feel of the soft breeze, the roar of the waves just a short distance away, the heat of the sun on my shoulders, and the occasional call of the seagulls.

Today I'm gearing up for my Open Studio which will be Saturday and Sunday, October 4 and 5. If you're near Portland, OR you're invited to stop by between 11 and 5 either day. I'll have work for sale and you might catch a demonstration of my collage process. My sketchbooks and studio journals will be available for you to hold and page through, if you wish. Do come!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Jo Reimer Open Studio October 4 and 5, 2014

Open Studio: October 4 and 5

You're invited!
I don't do nearly enough to promote the sale of my art so I've decided to remedy that by hosting an open studio. I work in my home and have hesitated to join the Portland Open Studios tour which is held each year in October because it means opening my front door to lots of strangers. But this is different because I'm issuing personal invitations to my friends and to those who follow my blog or Facebook page.

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area on October 4 or 5 please drop by to see where I work, how I work, to meet me for the first time, or to lend support if you know me well. I'd love to see you.

And I'd love to have you buy a piece or two of my art work for your home or office or as a gift. Christmas is just around the bend. There are lots of works that no one has seen and many older works will be discounted 25%.  I'm simply running out of storage.

How to prepare for Open Studio.
So, how does one prepare for an open studio? I've only done this once before and worked entirely too hard at making things perfect. This time I'm aiming for simple and casual. I'll de-clutter the studio somewhat but mostly you'll see it as it is on a normal workday.

The first thing I did once I made up my mind to proceed was to grab my studio journal and make a Mind-Map plan, jotting down anything that came to mind. Then I prepared a project sheet and started a list of things I need to do before I open the door on Saturday Oct. 4. It's quite a list. But since I've decided that this will be a casual event I can drop my usual obsessing and just get ready for the party, one step at a time.

Items to Do, culled from my mind-map: 
  • Plan promotions (blog, FB, email, mailing, handouts)
  • Order invitation postcards. 
  • Line up kitchen and studio help
  • Choose art to display and create an inventory sheet
  • Frame as much as possible, mount and bag the rest in clearbags.
  • Update email list
  • Prepare studio: de-clutter, remove extra furniture and personal stuff, set up sales area, select soft background music,
  • Hang art in public rooms and studio. Set up display racks.
  • Prepare refreshments 
  • Prepare demonstration station 
  • Welcome guests
  • Follow-up and review
If any of you dear readers have gone through this before and have some suggestions for me please contact me at joreimer at comcast dot net. I'd be so appreciative of any advice you have to offer.  Now please excuse me while I choose art to share.

If you need directions to my home email me at the above address.

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