Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Moving On

We are in the midst of downsizing, moving from our three story home to a smaller place on one level. Creativity has taken a back seat, in fact, it's so far from my consciousness that I don't know when I can get back to painting. I've made some tough decisions art-wise, knowing that I can't store all the supplies in hopes that someday I'll switch gears. Someday is NOW.

Instead of a big studio with two storage closets and a basement for backup I'm taking over the master bedroom as well as a small area in the garage where I will paint. For the foreseeable future I'll stick to collage, sketching with watercolor and ink, and painting with acrylics. All else gets sold or passed on. I've even cut way way down on sewing and am selling all my silk, wool, and cottons with the exception of half a dozen lengths for specific projects. I'm selling my patterns, too, because thanks to Bright Line Eating I've lost nearly 50 pounds and nothing fits. It's a good thing, a very good decision.

If you live anywhere near Cedar Mill/Beaverton, Oregon and like bargain-hunting put my Estate Sale on your calendar.  September 24 and 25, Saturday from 11-4 and Sunday, 12-4 at 11990 NW Maple Hill Lane, Portland, OR 97229.

I'll get back to posting to my blog as soon as I can. Have patience, dear readers, and stop hoarding art supplies!

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