Monday, February 26, 2018

Joining the Daily Paint Works Tribe

Hey Down There 6" x 6"

Make Four Collages Each Week:

I've set a new goal, to make at least 4 collages every week.  These days One A Day just isn't happening, no matter how strong my early morning intentions. This one is from last week, using some cut out flowers from my image files. I'm keeping most of the little ones fairly simply, doing them as an entering the studio warm-up.  It's such fun to open a box of collage materials, (compost), grab a few papers that interest me in the moment and play around to see what happens. This is about as close as I want to get to creating something like a still life. I find it fun to pore through my magazines and catalogs in the evening while sitting with my husband in front of the television and cut out images that I might use. 

Daily Paintwork Gallery:

The other bit of news is that I've joined the tribe over at Daily Paint Works, the brainchild of David and Carol Marine and friends. I'm in the process of uploading images of my available work and listing it in the Daily Paint Works catalog. If you've had a yen to buy one of my works, there are lots of sale and I'll be adding many more as the weeks progress.  Get to my DPW Gallery by clicking HERE or by tapping the Daily Paint Works slideshow over in the right hand column.  Even if you aren't in the market for more art just now I'd appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment. It gets a bit lonely in the studio some days.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hillsboro Farmers Market Entry

Hillsboro Farmers Market.  16x20".  Collage
I delivered this piece today, one of the 12 Finalists for Picture Hillsboro.  This is a competition to select one painting to be purchased and reproduced as giclee prints which the mayor will give visiting dignitaries and when he visits foreign governments. 

Boy, do I hope I win! But then, I've already won, haven't I? I'm so very thankful to have made the cut.

All 12 Finalists' paintings will be presented at the Hillsboro City Council meeting on February 6 an the final selection will be presented on March 6.  I plan to attend, yes I do! 


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Artist and Social Media

Disclaimer: I'm no computer expert.
  • I learned to type in a back room behind my high school library on a manual typewriter and at best I hit 46 words/minute and haven't improved. 
  • My fingers work slowly and that's a fact. 
  • I bought my first computer in the late 80's. 
  • My blog is 8 years old. 
  • My Facebook account is about 5.
  • Pinterest is my good friend.
  •  Instagram: whoa, I'm still learning. 
  • My etsy store is empty. 
  • And I don't have a real website and don't plan to change.
What I do know is how to use my computer to learn stuff and share my art and ideas. Self-taught.

I have learned SO much by searching the artistic corners of the internet. There are some amazing sources out there and all one has to do it google a word or phrase or ask a question and you get hundreds of answers.

Here on my blog, over in the right side column, you'll find lists of collections of artists whose work I find helpful and links to their blogs or websites. Painters, sketchers, collage artists... those are my peeps.

I've just spent an hour checking out all the links so that clicking on any of them will take you to a special place and a talented and hard-working artist. Go look.  I plan to add a bunch more, especially in the areas of sketching and collage. There are lots of amazing people that have come to my attention.

Here's one of my daily collages but the disclaimer on this one is that I worked on it over about 4 days time, a bit at a time, because I had little time for art making over the weekend.

SEED PODS. 7.5 square. paper on paper
"Seed Pods" was made with 6 pieces of paper: one photograph, a magazine page where I used solvent to dissolve the ink, text printed backwards, 2 purchased handmade papers, and inked tracing paper.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Collage Plus Photography

Daily Collages:

I've been posting recent daily collages over on Instagram. Hop on over there and follow me if you wish. 

In last week's series I worked on 7 1/2" watercolor paper* starting with a tiny photograph from a grouping I printed at a drugstore where you can print several shots on one print.  I drew a loose grid on the paper, glued a photo where I wanted the center of interest, and proceeded to extend the content of the photograph outwards from there.

This is similar to the photo I chose for "Running Toward Home", a herd of horses in a pasture at SunRiver, Oregon.  And here is the finished collage:

TEARING 7 1/2" SQUARES":Watercolor paper in either 140# or 300# weight is a favorite substrate for my collages. It comes in sheets that measure 21+" x 30". This size can be folded or measured and torn into 7 1/2" squares with no waste. I keep a stack of these squares on hand. 

Here's how I get 12 squares out of one sheet of 22 x 30" paper with no waste...
  • Fold in half along the 30" length and tear or cut along the fold, yielding 2 pieces that are 22 x 15. 
  • Fold each in half and cut along the fold. You'll now have four strips measuring roughly 22 x 7 1/2.
  • Now take each of these strips and measure and mark 7 1/2" and cut off this square.
  • Fold the remaining strip in half and cut along the fold giving you two more 7 1/2" squares of paper. 
  • I know 22 doesn't divide evenly by 3 but for my purposes, it's good enough to fudge a bit.
  • Repeat with all the paper strips and you'll end up with 12 rough-cut squares.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Catching up in the studio

Feathering My Nest

I took an unintended sabbatical from this blog in 2017 but have good intentions to pick up where I left off.

2017 was not a good year in my house, hence little time or inclination to write to all you lovely people. I’ve enjoyed the best health in many years but no so my husband. He’s suffering from several compression fractures in his back and with chronic back problems there’s not much hope for much improvement. We manage, though, and mostly stay upbeat through it all.

Art-making has taken a bit of a back seat but creativity has not. Our September 2016 move into a smaller home sent me into a long period of being creative about how I feathered my new nest.. I dearly love this smaller studio.

As I was downsizing my studio I made some hard decisions. Goodbye to oil paint and bars, encaustic, pastels, and all but the simplest bookmaking. Supplies for knitting, fancy sewing, quilting, crochet, beading, dyeing, screen printing, embroidery, 2/3 of my library, and much more that I don’t want to remember were donated or sold. I decided that since I have many more years behind me than in front of me I will concentrate on my main loves: collage, sketching with ink and watercolor, acrylic painting, and simple sewing. Those choices have proven to be so good, so right.

As I told you, my studio was once a master bedroom. I store large canvases in the soaking tub.

One small closet holds my clothes and shoes and the other one is for storing supplementary art supplies.
Two cabinets contain collage materials with two of the drawers reserved for thread and interfacing.

My old wire basket unit is my colored paper palette and several 12x12 totes house the collage compost. And yes, I set up a reading corner with the bookcase and recliner positioned in a corner window looking out on the backyard.

My corner desk is bracketed by tables, one for sewing and paperwork and the other for drawing and sit-down collage.

 I have a tall Ikea table for collage and for cutting fabric, with a lower pull-out table underneath.

So you see I’m all set.

 During January I plan to make one collage every day. So far so good and here are a couple of the finished ones, both 7.5" square.

MAX tracks at 10th and Morrison

Running For Home
As for my art practice in general, I’m backing off from art as business. All that marketing is in the rear view mirror. That’s not to say that I will say no to opportunities to show or sell my work… not at all! I’ve submitted two large collages to a local competition, have rejoined a local gallery, and am ruminating about ways to sell online. Making a collage every day means the work will stack up and my small house doesn’t have enough wall space for it all. I’ll let you know when I have work to sell.

I'd sure appreciate any comment or hello or feedback you'd like to leave, even if it's just to let me know you're still out there and you care about reading One A Day.


My new Blogger address is

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Andy Warhol and Bright Line Eating

Jagger by Warhol. Portland Art Museum.
I resisted going to the Andy Warhol exhibition but my daughter's invitation was too appealing, especially being able to share it with three grandkids. I'm SO glad to have seen this surprisingly moving exhibit of amazing art.

The entry was wallpapered with prints of headlines from the 60s and 70s, times I lived through that moved me to tears, such as the iconic photos of the motel where Martin Luther King was assassinated, photos of  the Kennedy brothers, Rights Bill signed into Law, Men Walk on the Moon.

So powerful!

And then the show itself which was skillfully mounted. At the time they were made Warhol's prints didn't appeal to me, but now! Now I can see and understand that his work added much to the visual history of the latter part of the century with powerful, impactful yet simple works that tell about time in a way that words cannot.

The Electric Chair by Warhol
I  still don't like most of Warhol's work, but this show was magnificent, even the grouping of his Electric Chair series. Most are only two colors which gives me an idea for a collage... not of the Electric Chair, but of using such powerful colors together.  I can see a series of collages based on his use of color, somewhat like Leslie Saeta is doing in her 30 Day Challenge where her inspiration is Joanna Gaines homes in the TV show Fixer Upper.

In fact, I got several ideas for collage from this show, especially from the works which feature bold drawings on top of collaged papers such as this series of portraits:

That's my redhead standing in front of Mick. She's a fan.

Bright Line Eating

And on another topic, entirely off-topic as far as ART is concerned but which will interest some of you.... I have released 59 pounds and have reached my goal of living in a right-sized body. I'm easing into maintenance and am holding my weight within a pound or two.  Boy, do I feel good! It's such fun to shop thrift stores and sales racks, on the hunt for small sizes.  

Bright Line Eating did it for me.  I began this journey on Dec. 29, 2015 and reached goal weight in the fall. I'm a slow loser. One of my friends has lost 66 pounds in 5 months!  I tried to do it on my own, following the FAA diet plan, but soon figured out that I needed to know more so I signed up for the March 2016 Bootcamp.

If you're interested, the next BLE BootCamp starts this month. The price is nearly half that of previous BootCamps. If you click on this link you'll get access to the Food Freedom Quiz and then receive further invitations to view 3 more videos in the series that explain this method of weight loss.  It's not for everyone. In fact, it's probably not for most people, but for me it worked. I'm a food addict, addicted to sugar and flour. This program removes all sugars and flours from the diet... not easy at first, but like weening off any addiction it gets easier.with time.  

Here's the link:


Monday, December 05, 2016

In The New Studio

It's been a while since I caught you up on what's going on in my life. I'm finally mostly settled into our new home and into my new studio. I know many of you were concerned that I'd be unhappy giving up my large studio and moving to a smaller one, but let me tell you I'm loving this space. Perhaps it's the newness and the challenge of creating a place where I can work comfortably and efficiently. I've always liked changing things around.

I transformed what was the master bedroom into a very good working studio. We ripped out the carpet and replaced it with cork flooring and then moved much of my old furnishings into the space, though I no longer have that big table that I loved so much. In it's place I have an Ikea table that's 30 x 60 with telescoping legs. At it's maximum height it's a good place to stand and work and it can be moved to the corner where it just fits over my flat files.

This corner is where I spend most of my time. The table on the left houses my sewing machine though I haven't used it yet. The corner table has the computer, printer and scanner, and the table to the right is for collage and journal work.  I've had these pieces of furniture for nearly 30 years and have used them in many configurations.

I found this useful chest on sale at Michael's and after a frustrating morning putting it together I'm finding it to be just right for all my Compost, the bits and pieces of paper that I use frequently to build my collages.  There's a similar chest to the right for watercolor and drawing supplies.

And these two wire basket units, Elfa brand, contain more papers. The one on the right is my main palette of hand painted and textured papers.  Of course, this isn't all of my paper stash. Next to the needs of a fiber artist I think the collage/mixed media artist has the biggest stash of supplies.  There are two large chests in the closet and more general supplies (glue, cutting tools, supports) in other out of the way spaces.  But what I have in this room isn't "in storage", it's right here at hand where I can grab what I need without too much searching.

Then there's the garage studio...

I intend to do all my wet and messy work in the garage where I took over an existing tool bench with its big north-facing window.  I have paints and tools in drawers and in boxes underneath the cabinet and in shelves to the left.  The floor is easily cleaned epoxy and although there's no water supply I own several buckets that will serve me well.  I got this studio up and running just before the weather turned cold and without heat I can't spend much time here, though I do have plans for a way to curtain off the area and use a space heater for short bouts of painting.

Painting large will probably be reserved for warmer weather and I'll work in the other studio during the winter. We'll see what happens as I settle into using these two wonderful spaces. I have one larger painting started and am working on a small collage sketchbook which I'll show you when it's finished.
Mostly I'm working on lesson plans for my Creative Process class to be held at The Village Gallery in Cedar Mill, OR. on December 29. We'll concentrate on figuring out ways to foster creativity in the studio and use the collage process to study composition.  I'm excited to be teaching this class. It's a go, for sure, but there are 4 spaces remaining if you or someone you know wants to have some creative fun between Christmas and New Years. This may be the last in person class I teach.

I'd love to hear from you, and hope you leave me a comment below or shoot me an email.

Oh yes, I've lost more weight and am nearly to my goal. I'm so glad I found Bright Line Eating. If you are curious let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.

Monday, October 17, 2016



Stack of boxes in the bathroom
I'm coming to the surface after a hectic move. In June we decided it was time to do a major downsizing, quickly found a wonderful one-level home, prepared our home to sell after living there 24 years, and finally moved in early September. Whew!  Some major decisions were in order.


Many things went to charity. Many things were sold in the estate sale to end all estate sales...household goods as well as art and art/craft supplies. It had to go.  Believe me, I could have stocked a small art store, because I'm an education junkie and bought supplies for many workshops and classes, and for experimenting with a wide variety of techniques along the way.

But in the end I decided to keep most of my acrylic paints and supplies, all my watercolor supplies, most of my drawing papers and tools, and let the rest go, including most of my fabrics, patterns, sewing notions, encaustic supplies, craft paints, books, artworks, and small canvases.

Drawer of brushes
I measured the footage of my one bookcase and determined that I could pack 10 small boxes of art books, and knowing which pieces of furniture would fit in my smaller studio I packed the supplies I knew I could shelve and let the rest go.

I don't regret one decision.

However, I haven't unpacked my studio yet so who knows what I might long for enough to buy again.

RE-PURPOSING the rooms in my home

Over the years I've created studio space wherever I've lived...
The corner of a desk
An armchair
The dining table
A tiny bedroom
A table in our bedroom
The rec room after the kids left home
A huge purpose built loft studio
And now my studio is in what was the master bedroom
Planning center

We aren't ones who use the bedroom for other than sleeping so when we bought this 3 bedroom home which has no studio space we decided to sleep in what was formerly the guest bedroom since it has a bathroom attached. My husband re-purposed the smallest bedroom for his den, and I got the master bedroom. It's plenty large, has a wall of windows on the south, a door to the outside, and the nicest studio bathroom ever! I haven't unpacked my art supplies because we're waiting for our contractor to free up some time so he can replace the carpet with cork flooring. That'll happen soon.
Stacks of paper, scanner, basket of cables, printer

I've been lying fallow since June. Perhaps some of you have experienced this...that during a time of intense change there's been no time to make art, nor any desire to do so. That's me. Once we gained access to this house all my creativity has gone into feathering my nest. It's still that way, though I'm getting antsy once again, making plans to pick up a paint brush and spread some paint around on canvas or paper. But I know that if I get it out I'll just have to pack it away again when the flooring guy arrives at the end of the month.
Intact maps waiting for a new purpose

So I'll spend the next 3 weeks getting ready to teach the next Collage Bootcamp  which is November 5 at the Village Gallery. I hope some of you who live in the Portland area will join us. Enroll at the gallery: 12505 NW Cornell Rd, Suite 14, Portland, OR 97229

Journals for BootCamp

Friday, October 14, 2016

Portland Open Studios 2016...DON'T MISS OUT!

Saturday and Sunday, October 15-16, 2016.

Once again it's time to visit the studios of working artists. 

Poke around and ask questions. Watch his/her process and try it yourself. It's practically free and happens so seldom. Phone apps with maps are available from Apple and Android App stores, some free.

We visited half a dozen studios last weekend, way fewer than is usual, but we cut a wide swath across the city, from NW Germantown Rd. to Oregon City. This year I decided to visit only the studios of artists in my art group, and what a good decision that was.

Marilyn Joyce was my grand kids' art teacher at Glencoe High in Hillsboro. She works with maps, making some absolutely gorgeous non-representational collage using strips of maps, as well as drawn paintings that she calls "mappings" which grow out of her daily walks. Marilyn has a dedicated studio behind her house that's a study in the art of Zen. Simplicity at its finest. 16835 NW Germantown Rd. Portland, 97231, just south of Kaiser Rd.

Image result for marilyn joyce artist
Scott Conary is an oil painter, a master of his brush. His studio is a converted garage behind his home at 5105 NE 18th Ave. Portland, OR 97211.  He's working on several medium-large paintings that I find very intriguing. And he has "orphans" for sale (name your price, he says).

Mona Cordell draws with apple twigs and charcoal, and paints animals and figures in acrylic. There's no way I can accurately describe Mona's beautiful work. Go see for yourself. Many of her paintings combine an animal figure with a human figure on a divided panel. And for several years she has had access to two local ballet companies whose practice sessions she attends in order to fill sketchbook after sketchbook with gesture drawing of the dancers in motions. Visit her studio at 4650 NE Ainsworth St. Portland, OR 97218. Don't miss it!

Ruth Armitage works in her home studio at 21288 S. Leland Rd. Oregon City, OR 97045. Ruth was one of my early watercolor teachers, chosen because I loved her images which were then based on family photos. Ruth is now painting the family farm using her enormous talent and acrylic paint,. The series is called "Down on the Farm" and depicts her memories of the farm, done is a highly abstracted and colorful way. Her studio is lined with many of the pieces she's painted this year, some of which have won national awards.

 Amber Waves Final

Then back in my own neighborhood we stopped to see Annie Salness who paints with water-soluble oils. Annie does lots of commission work which often includes favorite pets and she just completed a commission for a family member, a stack of her relative's favorite books. Each year Annie publishes a calendar. Her 2017 calendar features 12 different vegetables, printed from the originals which were done on  12 x 12" canvases. She published both a wall calendar and a desk calendar and has the calendars and the original oil paintings for sale. Annie's story is amazing. She was a bio-medical illustrator for many years until a recent stroke that left her paralyzed on her "good" side, forcing her to switch to being a leftie. Now she draws and paints with her left hand, loosely and with great courage and control. You need to meet Annie. 12545 NW Coleman Dr. Portland, OR 97229.

You wonder why I'm not participating this year. It seems God had other plans for me. I applied to PDXOS but wasn't chosen. I also applied to Washington County Open Studios and it was a go until the day before the deadline to withdraw, and withdraw I did because we bought our new home and I knew I couldn't get ready. It's fun to participate, to talk to friends, old and new, and to encourage other artists.

Even though the weather forecast for tomorrow and Sunday is grim please don't let that stop you from visiting my friends or other artists who've gone to such effort to open their studios to the public. This is the last weekend. Portland artists are joined by Washington County artists, so there'll be lots of opportunity all over the city to go see some good art.  I'm going out again.

Here's some artists whose studios are quite interesting, too.
Gretha Lindwood 1830 NW 138th Ave. Portland, 97229
Kitty Wallis, Christopher Mooney, Sara Swink, Marcy Baker, Marla Baggetta, Therese Murdza, Jesse Reno, William Park, Linda Baker, Susan Gallacher-Turner.

When you see a bright yellow sign with a black arrow pointing toward an artist's studio simply stop for a visit. You'll be welcome, guaranteed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Moving On

We are in the midst of downsizing, moving from our three story home to a smaller place on one level. Creativity has taken a back seat, in fact, it's so far from my consciousness that I don't know when I can get back to painting. I've made some tough decisions art-wise, knowing that I can't store all the supplies in hopes that someday I'll switch gears. Someday is NOW.

Instead of a big studio with two storage closets and a basement for backup I'm taking over the master bedroom as well as a small area in the garage where I will paint. For the foreseeable future I'll stick to collage, sketching with watercolor and ink, and painting with acrylics. All else gets sold or passed on. I've even cut way way down on sewing and am selling all my silk, wool, and cottons with the exception of half a dozen lengths for specific projects. I'm selling my patterns, too, because thanks to Bright Line Eating I've lost nearly 50 pounds and nothing fits. It's a good thing, a very good decision.

If you live anywhere near Cedar Mill/Beaverton, Oregon and like bargain-hunting put my Estate Sale on your calendar.  September 24 and 25, Saturday from 11-4 and Sunday, 12-4 at 11990 NW Maple Hill Lane, Portland, OR 97229.

I'll get back to posting to my blog as soon as I can. Have patience, dear readers, and stop hoarding art supplies!

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