Friday, February 14, 2020

It's not too late to sign up for Art2Life free workshops.

Nick Wilton

The first of Nickolas Wilton's Art2Life free workshops begins today. What a nice Valentine gift, three workshops with no strings attached. Click here to sign up.

Nick offers these workshops each year as a lead-in to signing up for his Creative Visionary Program, a 3-month online art course that I took last year.  Watching the freebie convinced me that this program was for me... and I sure chose a winner.

My work and my approach and my process of creating good art have all improved leaps and bounds.

I didn't go to art school but I have attended dozens and dozens of classes and workshops over the last 50+ years and I can say honestly that CVP is the best of the best.

I learned SO much and gained confidence in my process so that my work never fails to give me pleasure.

If you haven't already signed up to take the free workshops, please do so.  Click here.  You'll learn something valuable to your own practice.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

WooHoo... Free Art Workshop... Join me...

There is an exciting opportunity coming up that I want to share with you...

My colleague and friend, Nicholas Wilton, is about to begin his annual Art2Life Online Workshop.

It is an entire week of teaching from Nicholas, designed to help you make art that is stronger and more like you.

Because it is held online, you can participate from home — no matter where you are in the world.

And... it is completely free!

I am going to be following along with the workshop again this year, and I would love for you to join me.

Nicholas has been teaching this workshop since 2016, and in that time, has helped over 60 000 artists push their art to exciting new places.

The free workshop has recently been revamped to include all-new examples, stories and more.

Specifically, the free online workshop will explore exciting ideas like:

How to use a ground-breaking concept called Differences to quickly make your art more arresting and impactful  

How to use the principle of Value to create art that is instantly more balanced, refined, and striking
A simple but surprising approach to creating amazing Color and a sophisticated sense of harmony throughout your work  

Exactly what to do when your art feels stuck or incomplete (this will revolutionize the way you think of mistakes forever)  

Ways to make your creative life feel more spacious, joyful and personal to you… even if you’re in a creative funk or short on time

Even if you just take ONE insight away that helps you shift your art… 

I know it will be well worth your time.

And it might just help you see your art (and yourself) in a whole new way.

Hope to see you there, 


P.S. Nick has a habit of seriously over-delivering in his workshops.

In the past, here’s what people have said about Nick’s free teachings… 

Your classes have been absolutely amazing for me. It feels life changing. It's like I've discovered the core of my art again after being buried for a very long time. Your way of describing the process is true and simple”

Gordon Studer, Art2Life Workshop attendee

Give your creative self something special this valentine’s day.

Best of all? It’s totally free.

Monday, January 27, 2020

New Year, New Intentions

Inspiration Board

One of the first things I was asked to do when I began the Creative Visionary Program with Nick Wilton of Art2Life was to create an Inspiration Board.  This is the one I did which shows what inspires me as I go around living life. 

Broad expanses.
Gates and doors.
Pattern. Repetition.
Color, always color.
Photography and sketchbooks to document the journey.

Painting broad expanses is a struggle for me but I will persevere. I instinctively go for the detail, probably the influence of all those years doing embroidery with thousands upon thousands of small meticulous stitches.

I entered the three-month workshop in the spring with the intention to consciously use this board to inform the work I created.  Sometimes it was successful, sometimes I simply needed to dig deeper to figure out a new way to do things. 

Come in the Back Gate.  Sold.
The big success for me has been the growth in how I approach my work and the confidence I've gained.  I'm figuring out how to add direct painting to collage, to add collage to paintings. Such great fun.

I'm continuing with CVP and have signed up for another year of working with Nick and his team, which brings me to giving you notice about an Art2Life workshop, a FREE video workshop in 4 parts taught by Nick. It begins on Valentine's Day, February 14.  Sign up by clicking here.

I'm planning to have an Open Studio and Sale soon, probably in March. Work is accumulating and there's sure to be something for your walls. I'll let you know when you can come to see BOTH of my studios, the one that took over the master bedroom and the one in the garage.

That's plenty about me and my art journey. I sure would like to hear from each of you. There's a comment area below where you can send me a report from your corner of the world.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

CVP: Creative Visionary Program

Many of you follow Nick Wilton's Art2Life on Facebook and Instagram or read his blog about painting playfully from the heart. I've learned so much from Nick's free instructional videos which are released every Sunday morning and have longed to study with him. But he's in San Francisco and I'm in Portland, with little hope of joining one of his workshops. 

Then he announced that he was offering a 3-month-long online workshop that promised to be exactly what I need at this stage of the game. So I signed up and am taking CVP.  

Creative Visionary Program is amazing and I'm being pushed to think deeper, write longer, experiment with abandon, get up earlier and paint as much as my heart wants to.  We began by making three Vision Boards. I figured they'd be a piece of cake but the Inspiration Board drew me into deeply consider why and what and how I want to make art. What inspires me? And why, when I stand at the top of a hill and look across the vast scenery spread out before me, why do I want to paint that?

Inspiration Board
Then I repeated the process in order to figure out what I want my future to look like, art-wise. At 80 my timeline is so much shorter than when I was a young woman with so many options from which to choose.  I still have those options but it's now necessary to narrow my focus while still dreaming big as I've always done. By no means am I giving up making art or even slowing down much; I'm just becoming more focused.   One of God's most appreciated gifts was making me a creative woman. My natural instinct is to bring beauty to my surroundings and to make beautiful, colorful works of art... for myself, if no one else, and to honor him in the way I do it.  

Design Board

I haven't made my Art Board. It will trace my art history, past, present, future, where I'll do more dreaming and planning.

Three years ago I revealed that I had lost a bunch of weight, 60 pounds, on a new program called Bright Line Eating. 

Now there's a NYTimes best selling book, and tens of thousands of Bright Line Eaters who have released their extra weight... and have kept it off through a strong maintenance program. I'm one of them.  If you or a loved one is ready to shed some unwanted pounds let me know and I'll see about getting you a nice discount on the price of the program. I'm amazed at my own results, and oh, so grateful and healthy.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Excited About Collage

I'm excited by the new series of classes I'm leading at The Village Gallery. Please join me for a day to PLAY with paper and glue.

On June 3 and July 8 we'll think about LANDSCAPE as we work and on June 17 the topic is using STENCILS in your paintings...

...and we'll talk about BEGINNING. Whether you're new to collage or an old hand, how to begin is always the first question. We'll tackle that head on.

Each class runs from 9 am until 1 pm. The fee is $75. The Supply List is detailed on the gallery website.

Register at the The Village Gallery by phone 503-644-8001 or through the gallery website here.

Post any questions or comments below in the comment box.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Short Notice: New Workshop at Village Gallery tomorrow, May 20

Working on Little Jo series

This is a quick reminder that it's not too late to register for my latest collage workshop, a one day, 4 hour playdate, at The Village Gallery in Cedar Mill. 

Short Notice:  Tomorrow, May 20, 2019     9am-1pm

Other playdates have been scheduled if you can't make this one.

 If you're local and want to have a fun morning on a rainy day in Portland, do hop over to the gallery and register... or just show up tomorrow and we'll make a place for you at the table.

Find the particulars at Click on "May calendar". 

It's basically a work day with no formal instruction other than a couple of demonstrations about using stencils in your work. Bring whatever you're working on or start something new and I'll be there to hold your hand or help however you need my expertise.  

No materials will be supplied. There's a list of what to bring in the gallery newsletter at the address above.

As they say where I was raised, "Y'all come!"


Other playdates: June 3, June 17, July 8.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Collage around a drawing

Thursday was a bit bittersweet... after a month on the walls of the Village Gallery I took down the twelve pieces of the Color Wheel exhibition. Sales were sweet. Comments and visits from friends were welcome. The entire experience helped me grow as an artist and gave me much needed encouragement to forge onward.

So what was bitter about it? Putting the work away. Not being able to walk into the gallery and see the colorful display. There's something so special about seeing an entire body of work hanging on a gallery wall.  The People's Choice was Orange with Blue, seen on the upper left of the photo below.

My friend Roz Stendahl just posted a fun exercise on Facebook about building a collage around a drawing. See it here. Roz continually comes up with great ideas for drawing and for a collage artist this project is sure a keeper... and one I wanted to share immediately with you. If you try it please send me a jpg and I'll send it onward to Roz.

Now excuse me while I go play in the studio.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

We All Love A Good Story.

Art usually has a story to tell. You know that, don’t you? The artist paints, the musician plays or sings, the actor plays a part.  The audience listens, watches, appreciates… and sometimes participates.  Communication.

An early morning conversation with some art buddies segued into the idea of using story-telling as a way of helping the viewer understand the work whether it’s realistic or non-representational. I’ve noticed during open studios how the conversation frequently leads to me telling the story behind a piece that interests a visitor. 

Here's a story for you....

This collage painting is called Homeward Bound and the story around it goes something like this: 

"The woman is my mother when she was about 18 and Dad was falling in love with her. 
255 was my phone number! Yes, I’m that old. 
The bridge is similar to one that my father forced me to drive across when I was learning that skill. It had wooden planks placed wheel width apart and I had to practice keeping the tires on the planks (or crash into the river below, so I thought). Yikes.
The two men in the rowboat represent my father and brother… and me. Dad loved for us to go fishing with him; he made us row while he fished.  
The handwriting is from a letter from my dear sister-in-law."

I think that because of this good story I could have sold this piece several times, but it’s not for sale for that same reason. It reminds me that my heart will ever be Homeward Bound.

Pull out some of your paintings and see if you can make up a story about it. The story could be about the content, the images. Or maybe it's about the process of painting it. Maybe the story is pure fiction but fits the painting. It could be the title, a short story.

Write the story, put it in an envelope and tape the envelope to the back of the painting for a buyer or your heirs to find someday. If it’s headed to a gallery you might make the story part of the label or contained in the artist statement.  We all love a good story.  

So....please tell me a story by leaving it in the comment section below. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

When Push Comes to Shove....

...... I can do whatever it takes…. 

….and does it ever feel good to finish the hard thing, which this time was making the artwork for a show at The Village Gallery in March. 

I did the serious planning and a bit of work in December and as soon as the holidays were behind me I geared up, and yesterday I was able to take the finished work to be photographed. Whew!  Twelve rather complex collages in 6 weeks is a personal record.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done and am excited to see it all hanging.  I hope you who live in the area will come see the show between March 3 and 30, 2019. Maybe you’ll find something that’s just right for a wall in your own home.
You know I love color and have had extensive training in using color. Having taught the standard color wheel I know that many people find it difficult to actually use the color wheel when making their art. So… I decided to make twelve 12” x 12” collage paintings with each one based on one of the colors in the color wheel to show you how it might be done. I made the primary-color pieces first, complemented with black and white. Then I made the secondary and tertiary versions, some accented with its complement (opposite color on the color wheel) or with its split complement. The results are an interesting grouping.

Here's a peek at my process for "Purple":

Let me tell you.... It took lots of head-scratching to decide what I think of as purple. Does it lean toward blue or toward red? Is it violet, periwinkle, blueberry.  Oh my. I pulled out my drawer of purple painted papers and chose a variety of papers to audition for this piece.  

More head-scratching let me to narrowing down the selection to these pieces to use as the first layers. This is what it looked like laid out and photographed as a 12" square-ish shape.

"PURPLE"   $375

More decisions, more auditioning, more papers, some marks and stenciling led me to this this finished work. 

You're welcome to copy the following list of my processes if it will help you in your own art making.

  • Build the background with paper and paint
  • Add images, photographs, marks, stencils and stamps
  • Seal with gloss medium
  • Add photo transfers, if desired.
  • Make more marks. Add glazes.
  • Seal again with gloss medium, or with matte medium if you prefer a matte surface.
  • Photograph.
  • Finish the edges of the cradle, if using.
  • Frame the work.
  • Sign on the front and on the back
  • Add to your inventory, with pricing.

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