Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of Summer

I figure that you've been wondering where I am and what I've been doing this summer since there've been no changes since August 5. It's a long boring story about gardening, grandkids, berry picking and freezing, experimenting with oil paint, reading and a few parties thrown in for good measure.

As the weeks went by without a serious thought about blogging I finally decided to wait until the end of summer. That's today, so here are a couple of pictures for you.

Romans 5
Collage, stamping, stencils, handwriting
Romans 6
Collage, stamping, handwriting, painted papers
I've returned to the Sermon Notes series, working through the book of Romans. I finished Romans 6 yesterday and intend to finish all 16 by the end of October. It'll be a push but I will do it. That's just over one a week. Easy! If you want to see the rest of the series they're on Flickr here.

Journal pages
17 x 11"
Above is the first spread in a new art journal. The intention for this journal is to use strips of paper to create a story, probably spread over two pages. I don't regularly work this way but I've been advised by two trustworthy artists to work larger and I'm doing that, on canvas and paper as well as in my journals.

And finally, here are some recent sketches from my small Moleskine journal that I always have with me.

Hiking in Forest Park with grandkids.
At a friend's memorial service
Callas from my garden

Happy Hour with friends

Friday, August 05, 2011

Zoo Days and Shadows

I took part of my brood to the Zoo earlier in the week, on a sunny but cool morning that seemed well suited for animals, and humans, too.
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From L to R: daughter, g'son in stroller, me, granddaughters

My favorite three-year-old

Sister's Shadow Heart

I'm always on the lookout for pattern and repetition and no where did I find it so interesting as on the zebras and the giraffes. Early morning means lots of interesting shadows in the habitat.

I am working in my studio, painting with oils and having great fun, but I have nothing to show you yet.  My techniques need lots of work. Thanks to all the rain and cloudy days of spring and early summer my garden is at its prime, at a time when its usually burning up. I'm thankful for the conditions that makes gardening in the Pacific Northwest such a rewardingh lifestyle, even though the grayness sometimes sits heavy on my emotions. Still, I would not trade for long spells of 100+ degrees of heat. It's looking like we may not need our AC this summer. Suits me.
If you want to look at some interesting art have a peek at these blogs and websites from a few Oregon artists...

Randall Tipton's Painters Process
Marla Baggetta: Pastels
Jean Gale: Watercolor
Judy Wise: Wax
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