Thursday, January 27, 2022

For any struggling beginner or experienced artist....

 Do you need a transformation…maybe a new way to look at your work? Do you find yourself getting stuck in old habits? Are you a beginning painter who wants to know more about how to master composition?

I want to give you a little love this Valentine’s Day and let you know about the Free Art2Life Workshop which starts on February 14th. My colleague and friend, Nicholas Wilton, offers this free workshop for artists every year. I’ve learned from Nicholas at Art2Life for the past three years, and have found that he is a generous and talented teacher.

The workshop includes 3 video lessons that cover the principles of Value, Design and Color, and are released over the course of 5 days. Each lesson is about 20 to 30 minutes long. You can watch the lessons any time after they’re released through February 23rd. In addition to the video lessons you receive via email, there are also Live, in-Studio Trainings all week. These Live, in-Studio Trainings will give you the opportunity to ask questions and see the A2L Principles applied to artwork in real-time. You’re going to LOVE this! I’ve seen first-hand the changes this makes for artists, so I know how helpful it can be. 

Click here to save your place in the free Art2Life Workshop!

At the end of the Free Workshop, there is an opportunity to enroll in the 3-month Creative Visionary Program. This program is suitable only for those wishing to go much deeper with the content of the Free Workshop. It may or may not be right for you but regardless, the Free Workshop is super helpful…and FREE!

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