Friday, December 26, 2008

Roses in the Snow

We're still buried in snow up here on Maple Hill though the temperatures are rising and the rains have taken over. The chains came off the car today and I just might venture out alone tomorrow after 12 days of snow and cold. I don't mind being homebound because I'm never bored. There's always something to paint, glue, cook, stitch, draw, write, read, or photograph... and there's the long winter's nap, too, that restores my creative juices.

I just got a note from my friend Leslie Miller who has a wonderful blog that you all will just love. I met Leslie in a hot tub in Taos many years ago when we were staying at the same B&B the night before starting a weeklong workshop. We hit it off right away and have been friends since. She's such a fine collage artist and makes beautiful non-objective paintings. Do have a look at her work.

You'd think that with all my free time I'd have a sparkling clean house, a tidy studio, an organized basement storage, and lots of new artwork. I don't know where the time went but not into those activities. I did get some Christmas gifts made and our family had a wonderful time together celebrating Christ's birth. Now it's boxing day and the boxes and paper are on their way to the dump and I'm working on plans for the coming week when I intend to get some art made.
Roses do indeed bloom in Oregon in December, even in the snow.
Red blossoms bend low
Weighted by winter diamonds
Snow and ice and cold


  1. Dear Jo;

    Thanks for posting about Leslie. I like her work very much and have added her to my blog bookmarks. Not that I need another blog on my list!


  2. Hi Jo, Your snow photos beautifully capture our White Christmas. Thanks for Leslie's blog referral, then I had to go to "what if..." blog- with many treasures full of inspiration. Paula

  3. Hi Jo: I really like the photo of your red door. I totally forgot the hot tub meeting, and the drawing prior to the work shop. I bet I have that journal somewhere. Good memories.....

  4. Leslie, meet Paula and Jan who are in my art group. It's nice to introduce friends when you know they'll get along so well. I remember your drawing so well and watching you carefully draw the shrub with edges like none I'd seen before. You've traveled the right road in your art making.

  5. Nice to meet you Paula and Jan. Jo: I just found one of the journals from the Taos workshop. I will be scanning in some of it. I'll send you some of it. I have a great photo of you, journal in hand.


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