Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blender transfers

Elizabeth asked how I transferred the feather... here's my answer. Don't do as I did!
My copier is an old Canon which uses toner; I don't know if my method works with a laser print but it does not work with an inkjet copier or printer. I used a Design Art Marker colorless blender #311 which is xylene and which causes cancer if inhaled. Work with it only outside when wearing a vapor mask and appropriate filter. Lay the copy facedown on your substrate and go over the line with the xylene marker, working in a small area at one time. Immediately burnish the paper with the back of a spoon, lifting the paper to check that the ink has transfered, and then move on to the next area. This gives a clear transfer but is so dangerous to one's health. There are safer techniques. I tossed my blender after I did this and I intend to spend a few days playing with different methods so that I have control of a better process for the next time I want to do a clear transfer.

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