Sunday, July 12, 2009


I'm enrolled in an online class called Pure Experimentation where the curriculum is all about stenciling using spray paint, spray ink, brushes and sponges to create visual journal pages. I already use alphabet stencils to create my Sermon Notes series but this will add another dimension to those and other works of art.
The class was designed by Mary Ann Moss, Dispatch from LA, and is excellent, with PDF lessons complete with photos and dozens of short videos in which MA demonstrates her skills with her favorite art tools. Many everyday items can be used as stencils: lace, plastic doilies and placemats, nursery flats, sequin waste (love those holes). And now we're transforming clip art and photos into stencils using the computer, exacto knives, and stencil burners. Over the last week I've set up 2 different spray booths: one is set up in the garage and is made from an upside down card table, an old sheet, and a trash can. (This is what I use on rainy days.) and the other is a simple setup on my studio balcony where I draped a canvas drop cloth over the table and pinned the outer edges to the railing so I don't inadvertently paint the side of the house.


  1. but i want to see what the side of your house would look like if it were stenciled!
    you're doing some terrific work here Jo and you've got the right experimental attitude! RIGHT ON!
    thanks for the mention :-)

  2. These are all gorgeous. What a great class this must have been!

  3. Nice!

    I especially like the last one.

  4. I like the yellow and violet. On line must work well, then. I have not tried that format for a class. Nothing could beat a class in Taos!

  5. I really like these - isn't this fun!
    Jo, I received your cards today. They are beautiful!! I will look at them in detail later. I expect to see in the future a book out of all of them!!


  6. These are beautiful! I have added you to my daily blog visit and to my blogroll on my blog!

    Amazing work! Keep it up! Love it!!!

  7. Isn't this fun? Will miss seeing you Wednesday. Say hi to everyone. Your stencil work has lots of depth and the last one is my favorite.


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