Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Surviving the storm

We were without power in a condo at the beach for 24 hours and 5 minutes and just about ready to call it quits when we noticed that some lights had come on in Cannon Beach and knew that ours would return soon. It was interesting to sit near south-facing windows against which 90 mph gusts were blasting off and on throughout the evening and night. Roads north were closed this morning so we went south looking for hot coffee and breakfast. The Wayfarer offered bacon and eggs but no way to make toast; we were happy with what we got.
I worked on journals most of the day, happy as could be to have heat from the gas fireplace and plenty of food in the fridge, but by 3:30 I was ready to move on to something else... maybe packing up and heading home.  Then the power returned and all thoughts of leaving this beautiful place vanished. The sun which warmed our day is down now, leaving behind a sky full of purple clouds with striking bits of orange peeking through here and there... so beautiful I can hardly stand it.

One journal I'm working on is for the Point & Shoot class... this one being the last of the November assignments. the word is juxtapose. I found three photos in my archive that tell a poignant story when viewed together. Tell me what you think.


  1. I love your photo(s). The black and white is striking, as well as the 'message'. Glad you survived the storm, too,

  2. Glad you survived the storm, it must have been something with the wind pounding at the windows and to feel the strength of the storm while sitting safe and sound in front of the windows.

    I love the journal page with the combination of photos!


  3. jgr, I'm glad you got the message of the bird photos. Doing this exercise, (gleaning photos from my archive that tell a story) makes me want to take lots more bird photos. My DH thought I was nuts when I made him match the speed to the chicken truck on the freeway so I could catch this photo. Years later it came in handy, as did the group of singing birds taken at Anthropology... love that store! I have a cool photo of bird houses that may have to be added to the spread.

  4. Great page. Love the truck with chickens. I remember a trip up North with a friend, it was raining and we passed one of those trucks filled with poor wet rain battered chickens.

    Love those little pitchers from Anthropology - I gave them as Christmas gifts last year.

    The picture after the storm is beautiful.

  5. Your "juxtapose" flows & I love the nature shots versus the grid versus the "mass produced" chirping!!
    Thanks so much for your sink tip on my blog....I will definitely use it!


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