Thursday, September 08, 2011

Urban Sketchers

Sketchcrawl esteponero - Malaga - Spain from Urban Sketchers on Vimeo.

I love to watch other people sketch almost as much as I like to do it and as I watched this video I made several observations that might help you on your next sketch outing. You DO sketch, don't you?
  1. Use a 7-day pill container to hold your paints
  2. Use a sea shell for water supply.
  3. Note that most people use a waterbrush. Available at art and hobby stores, the barrel holds water, or ink.
  4. A small amount of paint is enough to explain the colors; don't over-work the color.
  5. Notice the different sizes of sketchbooks; one person uses single sheets of paper clipped to a backing board.
  6. Notice how people hold their pen while sketching; notice how carefully and often they look at their subject.
  7. Joining a group like Urban Sketchers for a day looking at your community is lots of fun.


  1. Thanks for using FB to bring this to my attention! I love your long shadow photos, by the way...great abstract painting possibilities!

  2. Thanks for posting this Jo. Inspirational!

  3. Jan Heigh8:04 AM PDT

    Hi Jo;

    And bring a folding stool to sit on! I also enjoyed watching it on full screen.


  4. This is really fun!!! I don't!


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