Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Autumn Landscape

Autumn Landscape
8x8 Collage Painting
I'm struck by the vivid colors of Oregon this autumn. The sky is such a clear blue and the sunsets colors are reflected in puddles and ponds. 

Her Shadow
6x6 Collage Painting
 Here I've used a photocopy of one of my shadow self-portraits along with some painted papers. Collage is so much easier and more interesting when one starts with painted papers. There's a complexity inherent in the papers that's simply not achievable with direct painting... and it's great fun, too. It appeals to the quilter/embroiderer in me and as a friend observed, I do like putting things together to make art.

Sweet Sixteen
7x7 Collage painting
Linda, I'm sure you recognize the paper in the lower left corner. Years ago Linda and I spent some days painting fabric with hand cut stamps, stencils and whatever came to hand, and we were smart enough to lift some prints onto paper before the paint dried. 

I'm sorry to see the last bit of that paper be used, but some time ago I lectured myself about the dangers of seeing art supplies as precious... saving them for some later use instead of using the best you have to create the best work you can in the present time. 


  1. Really love the second one - Her Shadow. I'm guilty of saving materials for the project that never comes along. I'm working on it! I'm planning some paper painting today, love the idea of gesso on magazine pages.

  2. Beautiful work!! And thank you for the reminder to use our 'precious' supplies-I need to keep that in mind.


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