Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Sign of Spring

by Jo Reimer

"First Sign of Spring"
20" x 20"

It's interesting to see where my "Piecings" and "Slices" series are taking me. I think it's actually one series. There's no direct painting on this piece; it's made up of slices of other paintings that weren't worthy in themselves but as an assembly of parts the whole has become quite strong.

I find myself struggling with establishing a process for these pieces, mostly having to do with mounting. I've been working mostly on 140# watercolor paper as a substrate which starts to buckle as layers are joined, and then wrestling with the completed work to attach it to a firm support... so I'm finding ways to reduce the buckling in the beginning. Using a stronger support is one way to keep the work flat, adhering the base paper to mat board or acid free foamcore or even wood panels. I think there'll be fewer struggles if I start with a firm substrate, glue the base papers to that and then continue to layer whatever papers I need for the collage. I could start with 300# paper or illustration board or heavy Yupo, all of which hold their shape well.

I'm open to suggestions.


  1. This collage is lovely Jo! It feels so happy!

    1. Thanks, Val. It makes me feel happy, too... and aching to do more of the same quality.

  2. love it! I am making the collages on Rives BFK paper and YES paste for the paper/fabric I'm gluing on top. No buckling.

  3. Love the collage, especially the colors. Have had trouble with my things buckling and had to have a piece dry mounted. I also am considering gluing to acid free foam core board before assembling the work. Please let me know if this works for you.

  4. told me about birch or mahogany 'skins' as substrate. I intend to look at this wood product and see if I might like working on it.
    Several years ago a prof told us about using Gudy-O which I've ordered from New York Central Art. I used it to mount First Sign of Spring and it worked great. It comes in a roll and is actually double-sided sticky. You stick one side to the substrate or to the art, peel off the release paper and adhere the two surfaces permanently. I've only used it once so can't comment on its use for more applications.

  5. Happy Spring Jo. Birch panels....can't say enough about them. Lovely to work upon.

  6. wonderful piecing of other papers .. colorful.

  7. Gorgeous colors in this collage...wonderful creativity!


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