Monday, April 08, 2013

Faded Glory

Faded Glory
Collage on Board
16 x 16"


  1. Well that`s beautiful!
    I want to wear it around the house in my slippers!

  2. Hi Jo, you have a wonderful collage here... I see in your previous post that you list design elements and principles.. I concentrate on design in my collage work as well. Thank you for leaving such a supportive comment on my blog post on artist block. I am starting to see a glimmer.

    1. I learned about elememts and principles of design my first year in collage and they've been a mainstay all these years. Actually applying them is often difficult but I've learned to start the work and then use them as a way to judge what's needed next.
      Your work appeals to me more than most because you have such a strong sense of design, Donna, and like me, you break your work into a supporting grid, almost like scaffolding on a building... make the grid and fill the sections with color, pattern, texture. It's more complex than that, of course, but it's a way to start any work.

      Keep looking for that glimmer, my friend.


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