Monday, November 11, 2013

From my sketchbook... another 5

by Jo Reimer
There's not much of interest to draw in a hospital exam room.
 I used a Pentel Pocket Brush pen for this drawing. I like the bold line but I need to warm up with writing or drawing before I tackle a drawing because my hand can be a bit shaky.

The swing on my back  deck
 I love porch swings, had one at my childhood home, one at the farm, and now one hanging from the pergola on my back deck. All my grandkids have grown up sitting on Gramma's lap in the swing or sitting beside me as we see how high we can go. I don't usually look at it from this angle.

Two drawings, two villages
 The upside down umbrellas are from among the many which hang from the ceiling in Marcos Cafe in Multnomah Village. The building is in Cannon Beach, OR.

Anniversary drawing

Using painted book page in my sketchbook
I don't remember that I'm a collage artist when I pull out my sketchbook! Now what's with that? Bits of paper ephemera such as those used here add lots of visual texture and interest to an otherwise dull page. A few years ago I bought a dozen small Japanese novels, at least I think they're novels, at a book sale. I've used them for altered books and for sketch journals, and have painted pages from one  in various colors to put in my compost.


  1. I really love your sketches. Lovely line quality Jo!

    1. thanks, Elizabeth. I figure that if I keep at it one of these days the lines will go exactly where I want them to. Practice is the key for anything, isn't it?

  2. I dearly love your sketches! I agree with Elizabeth about the beautiful line quality.


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