Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Here's how I made this Christmas light:
I simply stuffed a string of LED lights into a turquoise vase along with a few small silver balls and placed some snowmen to guard the light. An extension cord runs down the back of the chest to a nearby electrical outlet. This light stays on all the time, maybe even long after the holidays.

I have several other similar lights in my entry hall and living room to serve as night lights and to add sparkle to the rooms. Lots of interesting light strings are now on sale. Grab a few strings and make some light vases for yourself and for gifts.

Here's the lamp in daylight:

Jo's Merry Christmas light


  1. Merry Christmas Jo! And what is that painting peeking out behind the lovely light arrangement?

    1. Thanks Leslie. It Will be a merry one. The painting was done by a friend of my husband. Wish I could claim it as my work!


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