Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fantasy Flowers

Jo Reimer: Fantasy Flowers  14x11" acrylic, watercolor, ink, paper
Sometimes a piece comes out of left field and insists upon being present within my body of work. This started one morning last year as I was dinking around with paint and a brush, just spreading color around and seeing where the wet paint would go. It got ugly fast so I put it away thinking I still had one side of the paper I could work on.  

Months later I spied it among the "works in process" drawer and decided to play on it with some ink. Hours and days later this is what emerged. I could keep working but I won't. It delights me just as is. The only bit of collage is the big yellow rose that satisfied the need for a place to rest my eyes.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM PDT

    The fantasy flowers are delightful!

  2. You are so darn good. I love this.

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