Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Text on Green

Text on Green is a full sheet acrylic and gesso painting on gessoed Arches 140. I mixed the last half cup of gesso in the bucket with some Chromium Oxide Green, a splat of yellow and just a hint of a strange leftover red and got a nice soft green which I squeegeed over the surface of the paper. The black lines were applied with the edge of a piece of cardboard that I pulled through some dark paint, and then I used a small squeeze bottle to apply curvy white lines and dots. I let it dry overnight.

In my journals I do lots of what I call "writing that can't be read" so I used that technique to balance the straight black lines. Using a Zig marker I started writing on the painting using big loopy letters that soon lost any resemblance to actual writing as I let line after line swirl and loop over and around the previous line. My scattered thoughts became painted lines, meaningful to me but concealed from the viewer.

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