Monday, February 26, 2018

Joining the Daily Paint Works Tribe

Hey Down There 6" x 6"

Make Four Collages Each Week:

I've set a new goal, to make at least 4 collages every week.  These days One A Day just isn't happening, no matter how strong my early morning intentions. This one is from last week, using some cut out flowers from my image files. I'm keeping most of the little ones fairly simply, doing them as an entering the studio warm-up.  It's such fun to open a box of collage materials, (compost), grab a few papers that interest me in the moment and play around to see what happens. This is about as close as I want to get to creating something like a still life. I find it fun to pore through my magazines and catalogs in the evening while sitting with my husband in front of the television and cut out images that I might use. 

Daily Paintwork Gallery:

The other bit of news is that I've joined the tribe over at Daily Paint Works, the brainchild of David and Carol Marine and friends. I'm in the process of uploading images of my available work and listing it in the Daily Paint Works catalog. If you've had a yen to buy one of my works, there are lots of sale and I'll be adding many more as the weeks progress.  Get to my DPW Gallery by clicking HERE or by tapping the Daily Paint Works slideshow over in the right hand column.  Even if you aren't in the market for more art just now I'd appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment. It gets a bit lonely in the studio some days.
(Update: I'm no longer posting works to DPW.)


  1. I do like this! A lot. Don't feel lonely ...I have you in my feebly lineup and love seeing what you're doing.

    1. That should read feedly. I do grow weary of auto-correct sometimes. And then again, I should learn to proof read. *sigh*

    2. One can proof several times and still find mistakes, just as I did with my own post. We're only human.


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