Monday, March 10, 2008


While uploading the most recent work to my flickr album I realized I hadn't shown you yet another in the series, Forgiven. I lost control, my friend. I just threw every color I knew at this piece which has been the most work intensive of the series as well as the most emotional. This refers to the forgiving nature of Jesus and his final sacrifice.
What fun I had with this one. An early art teacher said something like, "keep changing your color as you add it to your work", and another said "make each corner different". Remembering that advice I painted the background yellow and used a variety of reds in each corner to form a yellow cross.
Then I sat down with my stamps and colored papers that had been cut into squares and torn into skinny off-kilter rectangles and stamped my heart onto paper. Then I glued the papers that refered to Jesus's forgiving nature to the arms of the cross, and laid my own sins at the foot of the cross.

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