Saturday, March 07, 2009

textures shapes and color: Notebooks and Pens

Leslie Avon Miller's collage work and writing continues to bring a breath of fresh air into my art day. For an interesting take on art notebooks see her latest post at textures shapes and color: Notebooks and Pens.
The journals to the left are some of my own old ones, created by gutting old hardback books and sewing in signatures of blank paper onto which I wrote, drew, collaged and painted. These 4 date back to 2000 and 2001 and my journals are a bit different now, not so pretty but even more useful.


  1. This is great Jo! I was thinking that for a while people had posted photos of their mug and perhaps we can start something with notebooks. Mine are not so pretty as these, but much appreaciated! Snow is falling as I write...

  2. These are wonderful Jo! The outside of my journals are awful... lol!

  3. No sooner said than done, Leslie, and I got your latest comment while I was writing this one.
    Thanks Manon. The only reason I can think of to make the outside of a journal beautiful is so you'll be enticed to work in it.


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