Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I enjoyed an art date with my friend Jean Gale last Friday and came home absolutely aching to work. Jean showed me some collages she was working on, done on top of failed watercolor paintings and seeing hers gave me permission to try to make something of the stack of painted watercolors that have sat gathering dust in my closet. Some time ago I decided to make paintings in sizes that fit ready made frames, so I tore the paintings into quarter sheet sizes as well as 7.5 inch squares and into 5 x 7 inch chunks. Then I pulled out a quarter sheet, chose collage papers in colors that worked with the underpainting and set to work. The collage was finished in no time and then I set to work adding some journaling. Since the papers were all about grapevines I chose to write out Jesus's words from John 15:5... "I am the vine, you are the branches; apart from me you can do nothing". It worked, I think... at least my husband complimented me. Some days I work for compliments.

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  1. Lovely piece Jo! It's fun to look closely and see all the elements you've added!


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