Monday, November 16, 2009

Stormy Day Gray

Coastal Storm

It's not fit for man nor beast outside and I'm counting my blessings for a snug place to spend the day, for heat and electricity and plenty of food in the cupboard... and especially for a blank canvas and a few tubes of paint with which to record the many grays I see.  When the sky is such a whitish gray and the clouds are so low there isn't much definition anywhere. It's difficult to get the waves right when they change moment by moment, but I think you'll get the picture.  The only thing that could get me out of here today is a trip to Seaside to get some acrylic medium that's fresh and juicy to replace this dried up stuff I brought with me.


  1. Not stormy here but I got out to get some supplies at the art store too!
    Is that my beloved molding paste I see in your painting or is it all acrylic paint? I love the texture Jo!!

  2. And now its a very, very dark night! Good weather for ducks... This is the grayest painting and I know it captures the day just right!

  3. I like your new header- the sun breaking through the gray clouds.

  4. Manon, no it isn't molding paste. I had created texture with gesso and it just happened to be in the place where I needed it.
    Thanks, Leslie. It sure IS a gray painting. and I went back in and added some purple.
    I'm glad you like my header, Paula. It's part of an acrylic painting.

  5. I love this, Jo! Just beautiful!


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