Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Morning on Discovery Bay

Our family spent Thanksgiving with our daughter's in-laws who live on Discovery Bay in Washington State, right across the bay from Port Townsend, in such a lovely setting, as you can see from my sketch. I cherish my memories of waking up very early when the light was just beginning to separate light from dark, when all the world was in silhouette, and all was quiet. I was told that there's a single loon living there, one who's lifelong mate has died. I've felt sadness in the call of the loon, and especially with this one who's now alone for life.


  1. A beautiful place to be for Thanksgiving!! Lovely sketch Jo!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely relaxing, refreshing spot. The sound of a loon, so hauntingly beautiful.

  3. Beautiful Jo.

    I love that time of day as the light begins to chase away the darkness and the beautiful sights are revealed.

  4. Oh goodness ... this is just so beautiful! I love nature, and the quiet reflective times in it. This watercolor is so cool the way it appears to have the binder spiral built in.


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