Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Recycling the Bits and Pieces

In the past whenever I finished a sewing project I tossed all the tiny snippets into the trash and bundled the big pieces for possible use in another project but now I find myself saving all the snippets to recyle into the building of journal pages and collages. I spent most of the day sewing some Christmas Eve gifts for my family and I'm really proud of what I accomplished but since some of the recepients may read this I can't tell you what I made.. just that each one of pretty wonderful, if I do say so myself. At least you can see a few of the remains of the day and how I used them on this page. It's 8.5 x 11 inches, done on heavy kraft paper that had a former life as a protective surface on my big work table. This is the paper I clean my brushes on, where I practice mark-making, and after a few months it takes on the character of lovingly worn jeans. I couldn't throw it away so I cut it into pages on which I intend to record my days in some way or another. When I have a big stack of finished pages I'll bind it somehow, either into a 3-ring binder or with a big fat coil.


  1. Glad you saved the remnants!! This is wonderful, especially like the brown and floral fabric. You are beginning "remains of the day" without the class starting yet! :)

    Oh, and after Christmas you must post what you made.

  2. First off Jo, I love hand made gifts - your family is very lucky. I hope they know that! And then I must say you are such a great journal keeper. I know how beautiful they are. I still should get that tool to install coils - so much less fuss and than other bindings. I like that they will lay flat.

  3. Oh my this is way wonderful and cool! I can't WAIT to see the finishe peice! I just wish we could turn the pages and touch them! They looks so cool & tacktly(is that a word???)!


  4. This is so very cool Jo!! I'm sure your recipients will be thrilled!!

  5. I'll be sure to show you all what I made for my lovies after they see them first. This journal page is a big hint but you'd never figure it out from looking at this.
    Leslie, the coil hole punch is a great tool but perhaps too expensive unless one can amortize it over a long time and make lots of journals like I do. I'm liking the idea of 3 holes, heavy covers made from old books or binders board, and some of the colored rings found in scrapbook stores these days.
    Brian, I think the word is tactile, and yes this page really is that with the paper, fabric, card and sewing thread.

  6. It's fun to see what you do with your scaps of fabric.


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