Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cook Book - Food Book Video

I've made a video of my latest Remains of the Day journal which I mentioned in my last post.  Go here: ROD Cook Book Journal Video to view it.

Although I've lived in Oregon for 47 years I still have my Arkansas accent which I'm aware of only when I hear a recording of my voice. Oh well, accents are interesting.

I've decided what to do with this journal... I'll include my more personal recipes and tell how I got them and from whom. For instance, I wrote about Election Day Chicken, a verbal recipe given to me on November 8, 1960, the day I first voted. We lived in Oklahoma City at the time and various homes were opened in the city to serve as voting places. I walked to the end of the block after a day of teaching, so anxious and proud to be able to vote. The most wonderful smells emanated from the kitchen and I asked the homemaker, "What's cooking?".  The recipe was simple and the dish turned out so good that it's been a favorite ever since, one I make most Election Days.  And then there's the curry recipe I got from a friend who's a transplant from India, and Novella White's Pecan Pie which my family swears is the best ever. Novella was my best friend's mother.

I think this will turn into a family treasure which my grandkids will fight over for who gets possession when I die.


  1. I love your Cook Book. You did a great job with the video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM PST

    Oh Jo - this is beyond wonderful. I absolutely love the video and to see all of the pages you've done in very inspiring. Beautiful - and to think of all of the new photos and recipes you will get from Portland Farmer's Market. Hugs.

  3. Your book is so fantastic! You are so gifted at journal making. If you make any more please share!

  4. Really love your beautiful ROD journal, it is colorful and very useful, excellent to continue keeping those favorite recipes!!!

  5. I love this idea. I have many of my mother's favorite recipes from when she owned cafes. What a great way to honor them.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Jo, what a great journal idea. Your layering of food photos, pockets and labels makes it personal and full of special recipes and family history.

  7. Jo--just found your blog. I really enjoyed your youtube cook book. I was thinking about taking that class, Remains of the Day, but spent the winter brushing up on Photoshop. Now it will be yard work for awhile. I am an online class taking junky. So I would love to hear your recommendations.

  8. Jo, I love your cook books and all the labels, what fun! YOu are so creative, never ending creativity.

  9. Hi there
    I'm Delwyn from way down in Australia.
    I love journalling and have made a number so I was very pleased to see your video and gain some fresh ideas. I love the cooking theme and the favourite recipes.

    I looked at both the classes you took and will consider them for my winter activities... they both look great.

    thank you for sharing your ideas.

    Happy days


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