Sunday, April 18, 2010

Women's Voices

5 minute Collage
Women's Voices
5 x 7"

This little collage was made from some vintage music sheets and the title was there on the index page so I went with it. Then as I worked my mind went back quite a few decades to my years of singing. No, I wasn't much good but Mother insisted on a variety of music lessons. I had a good enough voice to sing solos in church, and in several ensembles and choirs from about 5th grade through my sophomore year in college. One judge in a district vocal event described my attempt as "a pretty little chamber soprano".  I still like to sing but frequently get requests from my youngest granddaughter to be quiet. She's only 9 so she can get away with that sort of truth-telling.

I'm having a good time doing these quick collages, partly because I'm taking the time later in the day to look at what I put together and ask the "why" questions of myself. Why did I intuitively choose these colors, images, composition? And today, "what" entered the picture... "What memory is stirred by this work?" I like to write, so I like to add written bits to my collages or in a separate journal. This memory goes on the back of Women's Voices.


  1. Gorgeous, of course. Barb's been cleaning out old stuff, including a 1980 Illustration Annual from Communication Arts magazine. Can these illustrations on glossy paper from a magazine be incorporated well into collages?
    The cool thing about a road trip is that you can sing for 3 weeks.

  2. Ted, absolutely the magazines will work for collage. I used bits and pieces from a variety of magazines for my books. You have to be careful of the glue. Mod Podge works well with magazines. Are you or Barb going to try it? Be warned, collage is addicting.
    Maybe Gerald and I can trade off; if he'll talk to me while we drive I won't sing to him.


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