Monday, August 02, 2010

Circles and Valentine

Three Circles

I'm still working on my daily collage project, using whatever is in my red basket of scraps. The little guy peeking from behind the blue paper is from an old Hallmark calendar and the strip of circles is waste from punching out some circles.

Be My Valentine

This is a picture of me and my friend Cliff at a fraternity party taken on February 14, 1958. Yes, I used the actual picture; none of my offspring will want it when I have a picture of my DH and myself in the same pose. I went to the party with Gerald who is now my husband, but Cliff wanted a picture of us together. Don't we look young! We were both 19.

Make art with what you have. It need not cost much money; just make use of what you have. Mother was fond of saying "waste not; want not" and I try to remember that, especially in these difficult times.


  1. Jo, I love that you made such wonderful pieces from left over pieces. How cool is that? And speaking of cool, you and Cliffie look quite 'cool' in that photo, I must say no wonder you had the guys wants pictures with you.

  2. Hi Jo

    It is a great challenge to make from the scraps...I love to do that too...

    your photos is a real treasure...and I just love red spotty...

  3. Jo, was just teaching a class this weekend and had folks ask about using copies instead of originals. I told them the very same thing, my kids won't want any of my memorabilia! Just give it a new life, make it into art.

  4. Great that first one, especially the combination of colours.

  5. I love the idea of using scraps, which of course we all have. And cool picture by the way in #2.


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