Sunday, August 01, 2010

Nothing is safe when the spray paint comes out of the closet

An oldish plastic table and 2 chairs sit on my studio balcony, giving me a window on my backyard world, but the table was double ugly with a worn white laminate top  and I want beauty around me, so I got the bright idea to paint it. I taped the edges, got out my larger stencils and set to work.

I gessoed the table top first and after that was dry I stenciled some geometric designs with black paint. Then I added green fern leaves, some blue letters here and there, and finished with red and yellow flowers, and sealed it all with several coats of spray polyurethane.

I like it! Do you? And the best thing is I don't have to live with the same design forever... I can re-do it any time with layers of gesso and spray paint.
Thanks to Mary Ann Moss and her Stencilry class last year.


  1. you know i love it!!

  2. Love it! You should to that on canvas and you'd have a wonderful tablecloth!..or purse..or wall hanging..or or or.. :-)

  3. What a good idea - its almost a journal page...

  4. Talk about one of a kind! This turned out beautifully, don't you love it when a good idea comes together :-)

  5. What a great project. You took something that looked worn out and gave it new life. Love the flowers and design on the table top.

  6. I really like it. You gave it new life!

  7. You made your table a bright spot on your balcony. I really like how you transformed
    it into a thing of beauty.

  8. Love this Jo! Who would have thought you could paint on that ugly plastic stuff?


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