Friday, December 17, 2010

House in the Forest

House in the Forest with Gecko
Daily Collage

I thought I was done with this collage until I scanned it and realized that it needed some lines to bring focus. What a difference a few lines can make. I didn't even realize that I had a house in this collage until I scanned it and saw that the gecko was perched on a house shaped paper scrap.

Making this collage was an exercise in giving up "precious". See that bit of paper on the right side and across the bottom? That was a bit torn from a sheet of stencils I made last summer. I kept passing it up because it was too precious to use in whatever I was working on at the time. Finally today I tossed precious to the wind. I tore the sheet in half, then in half again, then simply tore it into pieces so it was no longer precious. Then came the idea of making a collage using black, green, and white. Funny how things work out when you let go and use whatever supplies you have.


  1. Jo this is lovely. You are right about the addition of the simple lines enhancing it, and about not using something and saving it for something better or special. There will always be another thing...

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. It's hard to get objective-I've had that experience too-seeing in a photo or a reducing glass really helps like your scanner experience.
    I can identify with the 'precious' I have a box of precious collage papers.....just not the right project yet :-) Maybe I'll be brave in 2011!

  3. Jo, Your collage is wonderful! I especially like the colors. Yes, those few lines really make a difference. Boy do I know what you mean about 'precious' too. I have a few drawers of precious items that I've had forever!

  4. I really had given up on considering certain papers to be precious and this caught me off guard. I know everyone does it at one time or another, but paper, fabric, and even paint continues to come into our lives and we need to use it, for if we don’t, who will? Those precious papers can make the difference between good and great art.

  5. It is amazing the difference of a few lines. I also like how you extended that other vertical part too. What a nice piece!

  6. Something so simple can make such an impact, nicely done :-)

  7. I was in Hawaii mid November and saw several gekkos-- your wonderful collage brought back memories.

  8. This gecko is really cool. What a nice piece Jo!

  9. Anonymous12:22 PM PST

    Great collage jo!

  10. Lines. Remember Ken's art? He would fill a canvas with clouds and nebula and all kinds of random splashes of color. Then he would take pen and ink and outline what he saw. I loved his art! Did you get to see it? I suspected he smoked something illegal as he "exposed" the things he saw in his maze, but he created art that couldn't be absorbed in only a few moments. One had to really look to see even a fraction of the things-within-things that he highlighted. I miss those times with him.

    We watched "Inception" in closed caption tonight. What a deep movie: things-in-things, just like Ken Hill's drawings.

    Did you read this, Jo? E-mail me if you did.


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