Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Jo Walks On Circles

Little Jo Walks On Circles
Daily Collage

No, there's no deep meaning in the name. It's easiest to keep track of pieces by naming the individual "Little Jo" pieces as they relate to whatever else is going on within the piece; circles seems to be as good as anything else I could think up. Naming works of art is Not my thing. I could go with numbers that relate to the date but that doesn't really tell me anything except when it was created and that means nothing to either you or me.

What would you name this?
How do you find names for your artwork?


  1. I love these "Little Jo" pieces.
    Naming them for you would be difficult because I do not know the feelings or emotions behind the creation of them. I think the naming of a piece of our art work has to do more with the why than how it looks.

  2. First, I like your title as much as the collage.
    Second, how an artist names their artwork is a very interesting topic to discuss. Thank you for asking.
    I like painting or collaging abstract works inspired by real things. For example, my portrait titles refer to the idea of seing, revealing or hidding. My abstract paintings are usually connected to the idea of fields ans land. To name my collages, I gaze at them and think about the place they look like. It's usually somewhere in some unknown wonderland. And you know what ? I just realized that for two weeks now I've been listening in the studio to an Irish music CD named Otherworld...

  3. I always paint in a series-- and before and during the series I write lists of words that come to mind as I work-- usually these words become part of my artist statement and often titles of the paintings-- yours could be the 'little Jo" series.

  4. I love naming my pieces-it's part of that minimal thing !
    I agree with Mary's comments-no way I could name your little Jo piece.
    It's a great series by the way-having seen all the history in your artist books - this series fits right in !!

  5. I love the way you have divided the negative space into color and pattern fields. Very graphic, right up my alley!


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