Saturday, April 09, 2011

Dreaming of a Brown-eyed Beau

Little Jo - Dreaming of a Brown-Eyed Beau
5x7 collage with photos

The background of this collage is composed of 3 different red painted papers. the photo inserted is me with my future husband at a fraternity valentine party, c. 1958.


  1. Jo I love the colors in this, and of course little Jo is just adorable. What a great series this is. Will eventually bind the together?

  2. beautiful papers in the background. I like Mary's idea of binding it altogether once you're done

  3. I like the combing texture on the red, do you have a tool for that?

  4. I don’t remember exactly what I used but it was probably a combing tool, the kind that tile layers use to texture the grout that’s been troweled on the back of the tile. There are all sorts available from rubber to plastic to metal. I have a rubber one that has teeth on all four sides that each make different widths of lines. You could make one from cardboard by cutting the teeth equal or unequal distances apart.

    Apply paint (acrylic, tempera) to the paper and while still wet comb the tool through the paint creating a variety of lines.

    Once I made similar lines for monoprinting on fabric: apply paint mixed with (fabric) medium to a sheet of acrylic. Comb lines into the paint using a tool or fingers (I used fingers). Lay fabric (or paper) over the paint and brayer the back to force the paint to adhere to the receiving surface.

    Sorry I haven’t been responding to comments this past week; I’ve been visiting friends in San Antonio and didn’t take time to attend to my blog. I’ll make it up to you soon.


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