Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Little Jo Hiding in the Forest

Little Jo Hiding in the Forest
5x7 Collage

The background forest is 3 strips of photos from magazines, each overlapping part of the Little Jo photo. The most difficult part is cutting out the Little Jo photographs. It would have been easier to do with the stamp tool in Photoshop but I prefer scissors and glue.


  1. oh how i love this and how the backgrounds goes from out of focus to in focus.

  2. neat idea, like how you laid this out

  3. I think it is wonderful you are still working on your Little Jo series-- your creativity is coming out in spades.

  4. Great how you positioned little Jo in the stips-nice design. One after another-these are really fun! Another book possibility ahead?
    The stamp tool-oh my now what is that-sounds really great


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