Saturday, July 09, 2011

I've missed you

Brandy, in my back yard
Friends have been calling to check on me, stopping me at the market, sending emails because they are concerned since I haven't posted in 4 weeks. Four Weeks! I'm sorry that I've neglected posting... I have excuses.
I'm quite well, just very busy with summertime stuff.  I'll be back to blogging soon, probably next week. Thank you so much for asking.


  1. glad to know all is well, understand being busy, just missed you. :)

    Brandy is beautiful...what a gorgeous color!

  2. I'm glad your back Jo. Sometimes we just need a break, even from blogging.

  3. I was wondering what you were up to also. Happy summer!

  4. Close that book, set it down, now slowly walk to the studio. You are an artist!


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