Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Combine Collage with Photographs

Diving Platform at Cove Lake
While working on the Sketchbook Project last year I developed several ways to use my own photographs in my collages. This is one approach.

The little photo is of a stone diving platform in the lake where I swam as a teenager.

I chose papers in colors that echo those in the photo and then tore them to build the collage, using deli paper as my substrate. After trimming it to size I mounted it on board, ready to hang. The photo acts as the focal point in the composition.

Most of the papers are from my stack of hand painted papers. In future posts I'll show you a few other ways I've used photographs.


  1. I love this Jo and enjoy your posts and your work (since the early 'Somerset' days!)

  2. I love how you integrate the photo into the work. Nice piece!

  3. Good to hear from you again, Jacqui.

    Thanks Martha. I enjoyed your latest small collage and the combination with painted papers. That’s the direction I’m heading, too. It’ll be fun to compare how our minds work without too much undue influence.

  4. Really nice composition and I like the idea of painting your own papers - it's something I could get on with on days when I can't get going.

  5. I appreciate your comments.
    Carrie, have at it! Choose a range of papers from copy paper to thin Japanese rice papers, deli wrap, tissue. Use whatever paints you have. I use mostly acrylics, heavy body mixed with water or fluids, and apply them with whatever is at hand, a brush, a painting knife, sponges, paint rollers, bubble wrap, anything. Cover your surface with plastic and spend the day playing.


I appreciate comments and questions.

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