Thursday, October 13, 2011

Phone 3211

PHONE 3211
 There's a lot of thinking going on around the One A Day studio. I'm sure that change is coming but where I'll take this blog isn't at all certain. It seems that I am not capable of keeping to a schedule like many of the bloggers I admire... my writing happens when I feel like it, when I have time for it, when I have something to share. 

I'm preparing 30 of my Sermon Notes collage paintings for a solo exhibit at my church. It starts Sunday and will be on the foyer walls until February. I wish you could all come see it, but I will take some pictures and post them here.  The church has invested in a hanging system so that art can be easily hung on the stone walls and we have an enthusiastic art director who will see that more artists have an opportunity to share their work as well as talk about why we work as we do.

Some of my newer collages are 6"x 6", but I'm making other sizes as the subject demands. I'll be offering some of them for sale on this blog. I've experimented with using deli wrap as my substrate, gluing the papers to the surface and trimming the work when I'm done, then mounting the collage on board or heavy papers. Both wet and dry adhesives seem to work well with this backing.  Here are a couple of the newer ones in the Dwelling series.




  1. Jo-I can picture your church-the outside at least-wish I could see the series hanging on the inside.
    Looking forward to seeing how the selling goes. I know we talked about it by email.
    Love the dwelling series! Especially the one just above with the red-orange roof agains b/w. Super!

  2. I wonder, what is wrong with blogging when you feel like it? Much better than uninspired, forced posts, no?

  3. Jo you've been busy! For some reason my reader wasn't showing me when you had posted something new. Great work and wonderful opportunity

  4. Do you sell any of your sermon art? I saw it tonight in CMBC, and I am in love with it! Someone was kind enough to give me your name and tell me that you do sell some art. I was able to google and find you. :) If you do not sell the sermon art, please know that they were SO moving and I found them to be incredibly beautiful!!!

  5. Alison, yes, I can have any of them printed for you. Contact me with your email/phone number... joreimer (at)


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