Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cut and Come Again ... Collage

Cut and Come Again
16 x 20"
Fabric, Paper, Stitching on Canvas

Cut and Come Again, detail

I'm continuing my experiments with marrying the idea of piecing quilts with collage. In Cut and Come Again I composed the design using a mixture of paper and fabric to create the feeling of a summertime zinnia from my garden. The substrate is canvas. No glue was used except for a spot here and there to tack the elements in place until they were stitched.

I Have Reasons
11 x 15"
Collage on Paper
I started with a collage of previously painted papers and then applied layers of acrylic paint to add depth and texture.

Collage and Acrylic on Panel
12 x 12"
Working directly on Gessobord panel I painted on top of a collage of painted papers.

Winter Elk Sighting
Collage on Canvas Panel
11 x 14"
The various white papers that depict a snowy winter storm are gesso on magazine papers. The elk red-on-black images are from a commercial paper.

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  1. I'm really enjoying this new series of yours, beautiful.


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