Monday, January 23, 2012

Showing My Work

by Jo Reimer
photo by Marnie Fordice

Some artists wait forever and never have an opportunity to show their best work to the public.

Some artists show several times a year, all over the country.

Some have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... that's me.

Thirty original pieces from my Sermon Note series are hanging in the lobby of my church and will be up a total of 4 months by the time the work comes down on February 20. If you're in the area and want to see it shoot me an email at joreimer at and I'll meet you there. It's on Cornell Road in Cedar Mill, Oregon.

In addition to the thirty original pieces ten 3' x 4' prints hang on the big walls. On the 9th of January there was a reception for me with 50 people in attendance. I spoke about how art and faith intersect for me and then the floor was opened to a lively discussion. It's difficult to explain how much this meant to me... to be a conduit for things that God wanted to visualize through me, and to be able to show the work to hundreds of people over such a great length of time. I'm humbled, and amazed, and grateful.

photo by Marnie Fordice

If you're interested in what I had to say I'll be glad to email the text of the presentation to you. Just ask. (email address above)


  1. Big congratulations Jo, it is an opportunity of a life time for an artist. Love that you got to speak as well about how our relationship with God gets expressed in our art. You go girl!

  2. and i know how beautiful you visually expressed those thoughts since i have several of your sermon note cards. i love each and every one of them.

    congratulations Jo. I would love to see those big prints hanging, could you post a photo of them. :)

    and i would also love to read what you said about your art and faith intersecting. i think you have my email address, but let me know if you don't.


  3. Yes Jo-do email me the text. I am thrilled and so happy for you-a wonderful special event and nice length of time to have the show up. And that sermon series is just spectacular! Your finest work-that I'm aware of! :-) How wonderful to have them all hanging up together. It feels so good-doesn't it!?

  4. Congratulations, I also would love to read what you said about art and faith..


  5. Hi Jo,
    Love hearing this news! It's a victory for all of us in the Body!
    Yes, send me the text! art.zealot at
    Have you considered joining the Visual Story Network?

  6. Well, congratulations! Isn't it a thrill to show your work? And to be able to talk to a group about your inspiration - even better.


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