Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My daughter and her daughter at about the same ages.
From my journal What Matters Most.

Valerie Sjodin of Visual Blessings has blessed me with the Liebster Award and in the spirit of the award I'm paying it forward. Though I don't usually do blog awards, this one is worthwhile if it helps increase traffic for other blogs and helps you find blogs that are new to you and are worth your time to read and follow.


This award was designed in the pay it forward fashion. Once you've been nominated, you award it to five blogs that you like that have fewer than 200 followers, to encourage new visitors to visit these blogs.


Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog. Post the award onto your blog. Give the award to five bloggers who you appreciate that have fewer than 200 followers. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know that you have given them this awesome award!


I tried to stay within the parameters of the rules but since many people don't include a Followers area on their blog I didn't pay a great deal of attention to that.

Here are my choices of inspiring art blogs that feature lovely artwork and some step-by-step or how-to's. (alphabetical order, of course. how could one rank such a list?)
I've found that the internet art-blogging community is supportive and giving in a variety of ways. I hope that you will visit all the blogs that I've listed in my sidebar; there's something there for everyone.


  1. Jo this is beautiful! I so very much like the combination of images and writing...leaving the upper left free of writing and writing over the lower photograph is so very pleasing!

  2. Thanks so much, Mary. One day soon I'll scan all the pages in this little journal and post them. It's a 16-page journal based on Teesha's instructions for the journal itself and on LK Ludwig's Point and Shoot Journaling class. It was very satisfying to do. After I finished I realized that I left out one family member so I need to go back and add something about him, maybe as a tip-in page.

  3. Jo thank-you for honoring me with the award! And I have to agree with Mary, your journaling page is beautiful! Something I've wanted to do for awhile, but never quite manage it.

    1. Do you journal, Crystal? Collage fits journaling like a glove. I keep filling books with collages and images I like that will never be shared except maybe here, and that's perfectly all right with me.

  4. Thanks Jo...what a surprise it was to receive the award. "CREATE ON"

    1. and thanks right back at you, Laura, for the mention on your blog and for passing the award on to others. I'll visit those new-to-me blogs.

  5. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for turning me on to some new blogs :) I'm enjoying what I see!

    1. I find it way too easy to stick with reading the same blogs without venturing too far, though I've found some fantastic blogs by drilling down through another artist's blog list. I figure that if I like the blogger's work I'll like the other blogs she/he likes.
      See you Saturday!


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