Saturday, April 05, 2014

Sketchbook Skool

I've enrolled in an online workshop series called Sketchbook Skool which was founded by Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene. So far it's great. I hesitated until the day it went online, thinking I didn't really need another drawing class, but I relented when I realized I could use the motivation, the encouragement to draw daily. I've been slacking off on my drawing, so much so that when I pick up a pen to draw it's a real challenge. I want drawing to be easier and I know that with daily practice it gets easier and easier to record what I see more accurately.

My interest is not on being able to draw photorealistically, but to be able to get my lines more or less reasonably placed and to include my emotion about the subject in a drawing. Sometimes I can do it but I'm not consistent. We'll see what comes.

So far I find the first class, taught by Danny Gregory, to be first rate. Danny's the one who got me drawing in the first place with his excellent first book, Everyday Matters, so I know I have nothing to lose by enrolling in his school. There will be other teachers in this six week long session: Roz Stendahl, Koosje Koene, Tommy Kane, Jane LaFazio, and Prashant Miranda, and others in the next sessions.  If you're interested it's not too late to join. Click HERE to learn more.

Here are my first two drawings:


  1. Nice drawings Jo, I didn't know you had a drawing practice too! The Magnolia is lovely, I hope you'll have fun in the class.

    1. Hi Hanna, it's nice to hear from you. I've kept a small sketchbook with me for years and draw as I travel, but I struggle to be consistent, to draw regularly. I remember talking with an embroidery artist 40 years ago who said just commit to drawing 5 minutes every day, without fail, and you'll soon draw very well indeed. I wish I had started following her advice way back then. Part of her point was that once you start drawing you can't stop at 5 minutes... And establishing to habit ensures success.


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