Monday, April 14, 2014

Sketchbook Pages, Week One

 I've drawn in one of my sketchbooks every day this week and I intend to keep it up. It's a bit embarassing to post my wonky drawings but this blog is, in my mind, a way to record my work and progress so it serves my own purpose.

I'm working in an 8" square sketchbook I made. The pages are an assortment of watercolor papers, all shapes, sewn together to make nearly full sized pages. I save all my paper scraps as well as paper samples (waste not, want not) and this seemed to be a good use for them. Some papers work better than other. This first page is 7.5" x 3.5" and is sort of the introduction page.



I did this page yesterday and am NOT happy with it. The pots are okay (I'm working on ellipses which are hard for me) but the pen I used wasn't waterproof so the minute I started adding watercolor the black ink made the page gray preventing me from painting bright colored tulips.

Perhaps you can get a better idea about the sewn together, pieced, pages in this example where the larger but shorter section on the right was zigzag stitched to the narrow piece on the left. I rather like the look.


  1. I am definitely inspired!! I truly love your drawings and your commitment to not giving up. Completely inspired!


  2. Thanks. Do you have a drawing practice? I'm convinced that it's a way toward better work.

  3. your journals are rich with inspiration, most excellent practice, we only get better by keeping at it that's for sure!

  4. Hi Jo;

    I really enjoy the zig zag look of the page. Good idea!

  5. Jo, I've been thinking about signing up for Sketchbook Skool and your posts have made me think it might be worth it. I am getting back into painting after a long time away from it. Your focus on practicing and keeping at it have helped! Thanks!


I appreciate comments and questions.

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