Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Collage Plus Photography

Daily Collages:

I've been posting recent daily collages over on Instagram. Hop on over there and follow me if you wish. 

In last week's series I worked on 7 1/2" watercolor paper* starting with a tiny photograph from a grouping I printed at a drugstore where you can print several shots on one print.  I drew a loose grid on the paper, glued a photo where I wanted the center of interest, and proceeded to extend the content of the photograph outwards from there.

This is similar to the photo I chose for "Running Toward Home", a herd of horses in a pasture at SunRiver, Oregon.  And here is the finished collage:

TEARING 7 1/2" SQUARES":Watercolor paper in either 140# or 300# weight is a favorite substrate for my collages. It comes in sheets that measure 21+" x 30". This size can be folded or measured and torn into 7 1/2" squares with no waste. I keep a stack of these squares on hand. 

Here's how I get 12 squares out of one sheet of 22 x 30" paper with no waste...
  • Fold in half along the 30" length and tear or cut along the fold, yielding 2 pieces that are 22 x 15. 
  • Fold each in half and cut along the fold. You'll now have four strips measuring roughly 22 x 7 1/2.
  • Now take each of these strips and measure and mark 7 1/2" and cut off this square.
  • Fold the remaining strip in half and cut along the fold giving you two more 7 1/2" squares of paper. 
  • I know 22 doesn't divide evenly by 3 but for my purposes, it's good enough to fudge a bit.
  • Repeat with all the paper strips and you'll end up with 12 rough-cut squares.

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  1. Thanks for the step by step for cutting paper into a desired size and make use of the entire sheet. I can never keep this straight.


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