Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Artist and Social Media

Disclaimer: I'm no computer expert.
  • I learned to type in a back room behind my high school library on a manual typewriter and at best I hit 46 words/minute and haven't improved. 
  • My fingers work slowly and that's a fact. 
  • I bought my first computer in the late 80's. 
  • My blog is 8 years old. 
  • My Facebook account is about 5.
  • Pinterest is my good friend.
  •  Instagram: whoa, I'm still learning. 
  • My etsy store is empty. 
  • And I don't have a real website and don't plan to change.
What I do know is how to use my computer to learn stuff and share my art and ideas. Self-taught.

I have learned SO much by searching the artistic corners of the internet. There are some amazing sources out there and all one has to do it google a word or phrase or ask a question and you get hundreds of answers.

Here on my blog, over in the right side column, you'll find lists of collections of artists whose work I find helpful and links to their blogs or websites. Painters, sketchers, collage artists... those are my peeps.

I've just spent an hour checking out all the links so that clicking on any of them will take you to a special place and a talented and hard-working artist. Go look.  I plan to add a bunch more, especially in the areas of sketching and collage. There are lots of amazing people that have come to my attention.

Here's one of my daily collages but the disclaimer on this one is that I worked on it over about 4 days time, a bit at a time, because I had little time for art making over the weekend.

SEED PODS. 7.5 square. paper on paper
"Seed Pods" was made with 6 pieces of paper: one photograph, a magazine page where I used solvent to dissolve the ink, text printed backwards, 2 purchased handmade papers, and inked tracing paper.

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  1. How funny! I think you just described my skill set only you type faster than I do! I have been following along intermittently and enjoy looking at your work. This latest collage is lovely. And I get the idea of picking away at something over a period of time. I do the same thing!

    Libby (Your neighbor to the south in CA.)


I appreciate comments and questions.

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