Tuesday, May 28, 2019

CVP: Creative Visionary Program

Many of you follow Nick Wilton's Art2Life on Facebook and Instagram or read his blog about painting playfully from the heart. I've learned so much from Nick's free instructional videos which are released every Sunday morning and have longed to study with him. But he's in San Francisco and I'm in Portland, with little hope of joining one of his workshops. 

Then he announced that he was offering a 3-month-long online workshop that promised to be exactly what I need at this stage of the game. So I signed up and am taking CVP.  

Creative Visionary Program is amazing and I'm being pushed to think deeper, write longer, experiment with abandon, get up earlier and paint as much as my heart wants to.  We began by making three Vision Boards. I figured they'd be a piece of cake but the Inspiration Board drew me into deeply consider why and what and how I want to make art. What inspires me? And why, when I stand at the top of a hill and look across the vast scenery spread out before me, why do I want to paint that?

Inspiration Board
Then I repeated the process in order to figure out what I want my future to look like, art-wise. At 80 my timeline is so much shorter than when I was a young woman with so many options from which to choose.  I still have those options but it's now necessary to narrow my focus while still dreaming big as I've always done. By no means am I giving up making art or even slowing down much; I'm just becoming more focused.   One of God's most appreciated gifts was making me a creative woman. My natural instinct is to bring beauty to my surroundings and to make beautiful, colorful works of art... for myself, if no one else, and to honor him in the way I do it.  

Design Board

I haven't made my Art Board. It will trace my art history, past, present, future, where I'll do more dreaming and planning.

Three years ago I revealed that I had lost a bunch of weight, 60 pounds, on a new program called Bright Line Eating. 

Now there's a NYTimes best selling book, and tens of thousands of Bright Line Eaters who have released their extra weight... and have kept it off through a strong maintenance program. I'm one of them.  If you or a loved one is ready to shed some unwanted pounds let me know and I'll see about getting you a nice discount on the price of the program. I'm amazed at my own results, and oh, so grateful and healthy.

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  1. I`ve known several painters that have grown in a leap from working with Nick, I hope you`re inspired, He`s seems like such a generous guy.


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