Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Keep Your Eyes Open

Two friends and I went sketching Saturday and because the day was so cold we decided to stay indoors and sketch at Multnomah Art Center. We walked the halls looking for a good place to get comfortable and spied the weaving rooms. With permission we went in and poked around amongst the dozens of looms and marveled at all the tools of the trade which were displayed on the walls and counters. I took lots of photos and finally sat down to sketch... and no, you can't see my drawing. I bit off more than I was capable of rendering and the results were not so good. That happens to all of us and I'm not discouraged.

However I made some interesting photos of the tools and looms. The first picture is of shuttles standing upright in a bucket; I'll do some drawings of this shape from this photograph which is what I should have done in situ rather than tackling a complex scene in limited time.

I've learned to keep my eyes open and searching for interesting things to photograph or draw as I travel through this world of ours. I would have never imagined seeing these weaving things had I not taken time to poke around another weaving studio a few years back. This has me thinking about what I might find in my sewing tools and in my kitchen cabinets if I open my eyes to the possibilities.

Here are some other photos.

Twisted wire heddles

Individual Wire Heddles


  1. Great shots Jo. I love details, up close. A different world, the world of small.

  2. Thanks Leslie, I love to get in close. I have a macro setting on my little digital camera which I used but some day I hope to have a camera that's better suited for very close photography.


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