Friday, January 23, 2009

France Journal

No, I haven't been to France lately but I'd love to return. Provance is an especially wonderful and beautiful place, but then I like the countryside anywhere. I'm sharing these few pages to keep you content with my upcoming absence. My husband and I are spending the next week on the often stormy Oregon coast, watching the light change and getting some R&R. I'm taking my new easyL lightweight travel easel and will break it in by doing a bunch of oil sketches. I need to practice with oils, something which doesn't seem to get done at home. Perhaps with different kinds of distraction I'll be inspired to paint lots of water and sky.

The Gauguin and Vuillard pages were done to document our visit to Paris exhibitions of those artists work. I'm most found of Vuillard with his orgy of patterns in the wallpaper, table cover, and dresses. Gauguin didn't paint patterned dresses on his women... he didn't even put dresses on most of them! It was Polynesia, after all, and very warm.


  1. LOVE the Gauguin page. left some comments for you on my blog by the strawberry picker. love your description of doing it with your kids, my sentiments exactly!! the kids were having so much fun, they picked what ended up to be 20 lbs! I had to get really creative with ways to use strawberries. I froze some and we had them this morning. I guess the blog reminded me they were still in there!!

  2. Scrumptious. I am a big fan of your journals. Enjoy your R & R.

  3. Jo, I love the shiny appearance of your papers and the marbling of the colors. what is Washi paper exactly? does it come in a roll? I have made a new year's resolution to paint more of my own papers. I am very excited about painting some of the laser cut lace stuff.

  4. Jo, what is Washi paper? is it in a roll? is it Japanese? is it water color? I am making a resolution to try painting more papers, for better color variety.

  5. Washi is the technical term for Japanese paper. But it isn't all from Japan and isn't necessarily made out of rice. These thin, often textural papers come from many countries and some are handmade and others are made by machine. One of the best places to get it is Daniel Smith in Seattle. I'm away from home and don't have the address but google it. That's what the papers with holes in it is called, perhaps Unuru. It comes in large flat sheets. Prepare to turn loose of some money!

  6. Jo, Your French journal pages always inspire me and thanks for the Creative Every Day link. Hope you're enjoying the coast. Paula

  7. Hi Jo,
    I just found your blog and I think it's great! I love these pages!!
    BTW..... my maiden name is Riemer and I knew a Reimer when I lived in Vancouver!

    -manon doyle

  8. We've run into a few people with a similar last name but so far no relatives. My husbands ancestors originated in southern russia and immigrated to Kansas of all places... then to Oklahoma. Thanks for your comments about my blog.


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