Thursday, April 15, 2010

Campground Directory - Sewn Art Journal

Last week I swore to myself that I'd post more often but finding the time to blog isn't my first priority. I'm starting to prepare for a 3 week road trip with my husband, and am starting to panic just a bit because I've done very little except research. Usually by now I'd have a packing list ready and at least one pile of clothes. Nada! I'll get to it next week when the deadline is looming larger.
One thing I have worked on for the past few days is a sewn journal that will be a gift for a special friend. It will have 24 pages with lots of room left for writing and photographs. Here are a few of the pages. They don't look very exciting yet but I still have many embellishments to add before I bind them. For instance, on this page (below) I didn't leave room for writing so I'll figure out a way to add a journaling spot, other than the orange in the upper right hand corner. The page above has two spaces for writing or adding a photo.
The pages of my book are made of all sorts of papers: scrapbooking paper, ledger paper, security envelopes turned inside out, menus, painted washi, magazines, children's books, art showing announcement cards, color copies of my journal pages, wallpaper, book pages, masking tape, and many others. The featured photo above is a print on matte photo paper of a plant we once saw in Arizona.

This page also has room to write. The red band is sewn only at the edges so an narrow envelope or  paper or a photo can be slipped under the band.
I've been tearing old magazines apart, as here with a bit of an art doll from one magazine hiding behind a brick wall from an interiors magazine and the word which I hope will prompt some writing about surface. The brick wall is actually a flap which is lined with card stock for stability. The writer can add a comment on the back side of the wall.


  1. Oh my gosh... where have I been? Your blog is on my blog roll and i have missed some really magic you have going on here? I see post after post, after post of pure joy and wonder... Oh the beauty! I love it all! You have really found yourself! Wonderful! I am addicted... Have a safe journey and enjoy your sown journal!

  2. What a wonderful gift, Jo! Your friend will love this--love all of the details when you click for a closer view. Have a safe journey. My husband and I took a road trip out west (we live in PA) It was my favorite vacation. One day we'd like to travel all of Rt. 66.

  3. I am loving your journal pages Jo, can't wait to see the completed project - are they ever really completed? Still the pages are great!

  4. Brian, I love your enthusiasm. We do love to have our egos stroked!
    Diane, many years ago when I was young Rt. 66 was the only way to get west so we traveled it from Arkansas to California. It's sure different now. If we have to travel fast we take a freeway but this time much of our travel will be on secondary roads.
    Elizabeth, Thanks so much for your comments here and on other posts. You're right, these journals are never completed; there's always something else to add. This one will be an interactive guest book with other guests in the future adding their comments. Now I need to make one of my own!

  5. Jo, this will be treasured for sure.
    What a fantastic gift!!!!

    I still have yet to put together a journal like this. I love the look of this style, but when I begin to do it I get stuck!!! Don't know what it is!!

    Have a wonderful trip with your husband!!!

  6. Weird...Today I happened upon your blog through iHanna's...Yesterday I started making a journal much like this one...the cover is a couple of file folders sewn together with the collage sewn on top for the covers. I hadn't done interior pages yet, though. Thank you for showing this! Inspiring!


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