Saturday, April 24, 2010

Water - Using photos in collage

Daily Collage

As I moved things around in the studio this morning, preparing to leave it for a few weeks, and thinking about all the photography I'll be doing while we're away, I had another AHA moment. I have hundreds of photos that I'll never put into an album, photos of moments that now mean nothing to me. Why not use a slice of that time in my collages, not in a scrapbookie way like pages that feature our loved ones, but simply as an element of a collage, either a focal point or simply a design feature. This is the first, using a slice of a photo of water at sunset and another of wave action. Let's see what I can develop from the idea. It probably won't happen while we're on our road trip, but at least the idea is percolating, waiting to develop or be discarded.

And of course this took a bit more than 5 minutes, but not much. What's interesting about these little daily collages is my thought process. I'm noticing that as I work quickly... hurry, hurry, get it done and scanned... I'm feeling an urge to move on, to get to the next creative thing. Isn't that the idea of a warm-up, to prepare me for the next thing, to scoot my dominate hemisphere over to the right where just working takes over and linear thinking gets quiet?

Do you read the comments on the blogs you follow? Sometimes that's the best part as iHanna commented on my last post regarding a mini conversation between Delwyn and me about postcard collages, and it's also a good way to find new blogs that will be of interest.

I'll try to blog from the road but don't be surprised if days pass without hearing from me. I'll be back.


  1. Hi Jo

    I love this idea and often use the old extra photos in my journals and notebooks. I also photocopy some of my favourites, often in B&W because they transfer well with masking tape or with gold paint then glue.
    The photo of my Dad on the black lettered page was transferred this way.

    I like to use a few favourites as my signature photos and they pop up all over the place giving a feeling of continuity to my various creations.

    I am always amazed at the way photos and images appear just in the right moment, or a word will pop out at me from my word boxes that fits perfectly. It is this magic that encourages me and inspires me to keep assembling.

    Yesterday I collaged the front of a small ring binder notebook and later when I read Hanna's comment on your page I went to visit her and low and behold she has tutorials of a similar process. So thank you for that lead. She has much interesting information and creative ideas to peruse.

    Have a restful and creative trip...

    happy days

  2. Love all your 5-minute daily collages, wish I can do that but I need "to scoot my dominate hemisphere over to the right where just working takes over and linear thinking gets quiet?" as you said.
    Thanks for the inspiration Jo.

  3. found you through IHANNA Love the idea of using photos. I have millions from my dads collection. I was going to throw them out because most of them are of someplace I don't know. Can't wait to try this idea and some of your other ideas.

  4. I like your 5 min. collages...thinking about trying the same thing. Have a good trip!

  5. This is a really good idea. I'm looking forward to getting my craft room set up in the new house and getting to work.

  6. Jo this is beautiful, and I really like the idea of using personal photos in collages. Makes them more personal.

  7. nice little collages here-- have a good trip.

  8. Delwyn, I'm learning lots from you. "Word boxes" is new to me. I have a basket of single words on tickets... must be similar, and useful for topics for writing. But transfering with gold paint and glue is different.
    You're welcome for any inspiration you may get here, Herm.
    Marilyn, I'm glad you didn't toss your photos. They are useful in so many projects other than in photo albums.
    Nancy, I'd love to see your craft room. As an interior designer you surely know how to make it beautiful and functionsl. Click on Mary's name and visit her blog to see her gorgeous, colorful home.
    And Mary, soon you'll have some great wedding photos to add to the mix.
    Thanks Donna. You're THE masterful collage artist, so I appreciate your kind comments. We both work from our own lives and history.


I appreciate comments and questions.

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