Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gifted For Service

Gifted for Service

Bands of unusual text lend a mysterious element to this little collage. The background was cut from a watercolor experiment... that's the green and reddish brown at top right and along the bottom. The numbers are cut from a Bingo card and the lower row of text was some unrelated documents printed like a double-exposure photograph, a favorite thing to do on top of a too-light photograph.  Just run the photo back through the printer 2 or 3 times, allowing the ink to dry in between print runs.


  1. Great piece Jo. I love using Hebrew text among others in collage, gives things a mysterious feel

  2. Dear Jo,
    Great collage. I will be back! Really enjoy your work, wonderful.
    Thanks for the idea you posted on Alisa Burke's blog about using your parents writing, very special idea. have to try it.
    Best to you,

  3. Bren, I didn't even know it was Hebrew text! I just liked the paper; now I like it more.
    Sondra, I'm glad you found me through my comment on Alisa's blog. I've found a lot of interesting blogs that way, too. Just click on the name! I've been thinking about Alisa's tutorial all morning. Gotta find some letters.


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