Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Sketchbook Project - Mountains

Mt. Hood
Pencil, pen and ink, watercolor crayons.

Mt. Hood is only 50 miles east of Portland and lures many Oregonians to its beautiful slopes for skiing, hiking, fishing and many other sports, both summer and winter. Part of the Cascade Range of volcanic mountains, it often appears to float above the city due to atmospheric conditions.  At 11,230' its distinctive volcanic shape is hard to miss.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Jo, It's beautiful!

  3. So, are you actually making a sketchbook for that project? It seemed so cool but I just could not figure out where I would fit it in! You ate the perfect artist for the job, I always love your sketches!!

  4. 2 page spread this time! Been there-it looks like this-Mt Hood rising in the distance-it sort of catches an easterner by surprise no matter how many times you turn to take a look! You captured it!

  5. You go online to sign up, pay them $25 for the sketchbook, do the work, and then send it back to them. 16,000 people worldwide see this as an opportunity to show their work. When I received the sketchbook I was appalled at the poor quality of this paper, thin, yellowish, skimpy, so I reached back to some earlier work with altered books and glued the pages together to give me only 9 spreads plus an intro page and an end page.
    I love what Marge Malwitz did with hers… she does collage and used the book to tell the story of Noah and the Ark.
    BJ Adams of Wash. DC is using her machine embroidery techniques and drawing to create an extraordinary book, too.

    I’m wondering what the organizers think when they see art other than sketches in the books.
    Thanks for your encouraging words, Elizabeth.

    So many times I'll drive into town and come upon this scene with Mt. Hood looking like it's floating in the sky because of the color of the low clouds in the valley in front. Thanks Marge, Rita, and Herm. It IS a beautiful mountain and city.

  6. Thanks Jo. How about that-I know BJ Adams. Was in a show in DC w/her and at her house to celebrate the opening-does she have a blog-maybe you have hers posted. Yes-the journals are poor quality-I should have replaced the paper w/my own!

  7. A sketchbook can be interpreted many different ways. Your pages make a great tour through Oregon. I hope to see it before you mail it.


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