Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily Collage - Man


Some of the surfaces I'm working on were from a failed acrylic painting that I cut into 5x7 pieces. This section of the painting actually worked quite well as the background for the collage. Serendipity rules again... these 3 pieces were lying together in my compost box as if to say, "Take us, take us. Glue us together." So I did.


  1. The painting works beautifully. And how nice to use something you were going to throw away!

  2. wonderful! love the background with the images.

  3. Thanks. The composition happened so fast that I'm still amazed. I don't usually use an image like this head but it was there in the compost so I went with it. And a piece of doily! I usually only use paper doilies as stencil resists. Now I'll have to look closer at other ways to use the edges.

  4. compost! what a word in the mix of the process. don't you love it when a piece makes itself?!

  5. Yep, but it doesn't happen often. Click on "compost" in the label cloud at the bottom of my sidebar to read why I call it compost.


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